Monday, June 18, 2007

Can't Get 'em Young Enough

Police smash global pedophile ring

LONDON - British police, with aid from U.S. investigators, have shattered a global Internet pedophile ring, rescuing 31 children and rounding up more than 700 suspects worldwide, authorities said Monday.

Some 200 suspects are based in Britain, said the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center, a government agency. Of the 31 children, some only a few months old, more than 15 were in Britain, the center said.

I couldn't help noticing that some of the rescued children were only a few months old. What is wrong with these people? Why can't they wait until they're six years old, like normal people!

Today's Heroine

This is a Canadian girl addressing the United Nations Environmental Summit in Brazil (the one that Bush didn't bother to attend or send anyone on The USA's behalf). I hope she grows up to be President of her country: click here. Her group is called Environmental Children's Organization (ECO)