Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gender labeling of meat

It seems that there is a lot of violence in the animal world:  gang rapes by ducks, elephant seals attacking the females and "accidentally" killing baby seals, male otters beating up the females in order to "mate" (see my last post).   Meat should have gender labeling so that only the brutal animals will be eaten (if you still eat meat!).   And before you get all "women do the same thing to men, so everything is all fair and let's just leave it all alone" it's not ALWAYS the males abusing the females.   Female praying mantises eat the males - but still gender labeling will make that clear, so if you eat praying mantises or black widow spiders, then you'll know which ones to eat.   We should be eating the abusers, not their victims.

Eat your enemies, not your friends!