Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm Back

Sorry about my absence -- both for my fans and my enemies. I just got out of rehab. Not really, but that's my story. Well it's sort of true. I got "diagnosed" and given Ritalin, which would be fine if I was past puberty and could enjoy it for recreation, but at my age, it's like thorazine. Of course I stopped taking it (and am hiding my growing stash of pills for future projects).

Of course there's nothing wrong with me. It's the rest of the world that needs to be medicated. Just because I noticed the pattern of attacks on girls and thought we should protect ourselves, I get labeled sick. But the men who rape and shoot the girls, well, they're just boys gotten a little out of control. Of course they do always shoot themselves afterward. But why don't they ever shoot themselves first?

For my part I refuse to explain ANY of my behavior (they accused me of "incitement") by saying I had a drug problem -- or a lack-of-drugs problem -- because there is nothing wrong with my behavior. I am the only rational one around. I'm tired of everyone blaming their sicko behavior on alcohol, like that idiot Foley. "Oh, yeah, I'm an alcoholic and I'm going to rehab now." That was very confusing, cause Mel led us all to believe that alcoholism causes anti-semitism, not pedophilia.

Anyway, I gotta go back to class now, but I'll be back later.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


In light of the terrorism against girls (i.e. boys and men shooting schoolgirls), and the unlikelihood that girls will be armed and trained to shoot, we feel there is no alternative than for all girls to boycott school until there is a war on the terror against us. Schools are unsafe and we will not go to our slaughter when they ring the school bells. DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL. Instead, girls are urged to meet with each other in girl scout troops or other girls organizations and plan for protecting ourselves. If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Emergency Session

Me and my girl scout troop are in an emergency session given that it's now open season on school girls. I'll be back to the blog soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy Henry Darger's painting of girls with guns.

Friday, September 29, 2006

(un)Holy Foley

"Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) planned to resign today, hours after ABC questioned him about sexually explicit internet messages with current and former Congressional pages under the age of 18."

Foley was chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus.

And why are there NO missing or exploited children in the missing and exploited children's caucus? Is the purpose of the committee for the Congressmen/pedophiles to trade tips?

They tell us we're supposed to tell. But I don't think we should tell THEM, we should tell the children's militias, which need to start forming!!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

And You Thought Barbie Was Bad

Okay, here's what I found in the news today:
"agents discovered several "inflated, anatomically-correct child sexual dolls, which were dressed as children .... During the ICE raid, List, a hospital employee, told agents that he had dressed the inflatable dolls himself."

It didn't say how he dressed the dolls, and I'm not sure which I find more disturbing: garanimals or a JonBenet outfit. Dolls are for children you sicko. I'm glad he didn't have dressed-up anatomically-correct stuffed animals, though, cause then I could never look at Flopsie the same.

Monday, September 11, 2006

dirty old sperm

They finally figured out that it's old man sperm that is causing all the autistic children (boys). I don't even want to think about this, because it's gross, and I'm ten and should know nothing about it, but I have to go to school with these boys, who are becoming as popular (common -- not popular as in cool and everyone wants to be their friend) as twins and triplets and quintuplets. You can get viagra and ditch your wife for a younger woman, but don't think you can have a second family that will turn out better. Meanwhile it's the old eggs that lead to Downe's syndrome, and young parents don't know what the hell they're doing, so NO ONE should be having children.

Meanwhile they (you know they - the ones who control everything, who have all the money and make the decisions) are selling padded bras to little girls - in size 6! -- as in for a SIX YEAR OLD (which size I still wear, but that's cause I'm small -- failure to thrive). What is wrong with them?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto Out, JonBenet In

Pluto is not a planet anymore.
They changed the definition.
But JonBenet is still dead. she was still murdered - and raped - they haven't changed the definition of that yet.

Notice the bruise near her right elbow. You can't teach children "good and bad touch" and to just say "NO" to the bad touch, because no one ever asks them if they want to be touched, and even if they say no, what giant person who owns them is going to listen? JonBenet might have liked being on stage, cause no one could rape her without witnesses there, but I think it's pretty obvious that her parents just made her a "Beauty queen" so they could charge more for her to the pedophiles and child pornographers who were their friend. YES, Mr. Karr was their friend. The billions of dollars people are making exploiting her even ten years after she was killed should go to arming children so they could back up their "NO - that is bad touch" statements.

By the way, Hector has pointed out that if JonBenet was brown or black - or even dark-haired, we would never even know about her. And what kind of name is JonBenet anyway?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Everybody to the principal's office. Now.

All the people who start the wars and keep them going should be grounded. Someone hit an oil factory in the middle east and now there's a big oil spill and a fire. It's already over a hundred degrees in the desert (which is swallowing the whole earth). We don't need any more fires. What is wrong with them?!?!?

But, trees that took 200 years to grow take us like 2 hours to burn, so I guess we are making progress.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mr. Apocalypto Just Drunk?

Mel Gibson, the producer of a traumatizing snuff movie that lots of Christian children were forced to see as a family outing, says he was 'just drunk' when he went on his little Nazi ventfest. I've heard this same excuse from wife-beaters and child-rapists. My dad gets drunk sometimes, and he's the same idiot as usual, just louder. He doesn't suddently try to rape a child or blame a Jew. So what is that? And what is wrong with those idiots in Hollywood to say he just needs to go to Betty Ford? Betty Ford should refuse to let him in. He'll just make all the other drunk people there start drinking again. What happened to Mel when he was a child? And ABC wants him to do a mini-series about the holocaust? I think it's going to be a VERY MINI series, like 30 seconds - which should be enough to say that it never happened. It is a DISNEY channel after all.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Technical note

I figured out how to make links in here, so the links to the raccoon sounds are fixed in the "More on the War" blog (June 11). I especially love the sound the 'sow'(the mother - she's not a pig) makes. I like to listen to it over and over (it's short), which drives the rest of my family crazy, but I like it. It sounds like a big happy cat.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Salamander in Chief

How can "president" Bush even understand what a signing statment is? he's an idiot! and we have almost three more years of him (if we survive it). He's stupid. Now that the whole country is roasting and people are dying, he's trying to dismiss it all as just a publicity stunt by Al Gore. It's a good one if it is. And even if people don't want to hear what he has to say, at least his movie shows in air-conditioned theatres, which probably adds to the global warming, but maybe people will go home and turn off their A/C. "Governer" Arnold (who is short like me, by the way) told us we should keep our thermostats at 78 degrees. I find it hard to believe that he has HIS thermostat that high. But if he does, please don't put him on TV. I don't want to have to see his disgusting sweaty, steroidy, sexual-harrassing, body. And speaking of sexual harassment, I'd like to see Bush take his skeevy hands off of the German President and do the same thing to his little buddy Tony Blair. I know he probably has already, but I mean in PUBLIC!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Is it hot enough for you?

Even the atheists are starting to believe in hell -- and it's here on earth (like the Jews say). Lucky for me I live in Orange Countty, where everything is air-conditioned (though not OVER air-conditioned like NY office buildings -- so hairy, sweaty men can still wear their 3-piece wool suits -- idiots!) I feel sorry for people in Europe and New England who are still stuck in the old-days of the occasional two or three day heat wave. Is it a heat wave if it lasts for months? I think is's more of a heat tsunami. Katrina's going to look like the little sister of the monsters that are coming.

I don't know what it was like in the "normal" times that the adults still believe are normal and that we'll be getting back to any minute, but I can say that as long as I can remember it's HOT, VERY HOT, and it's getting worse.

whatever trees are left are going to have to start breathing a lot more heavily. So people better get over their "a man and a woman" "missionary position only" sexual prejudices and hope that some of those tree-huggers move on to heavy petting.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I don't know why people think that summer is so much fun. It's more like hell if you ask me. It's hot. Very hot. Too hot. I know it's wrong but sometimes I have to go stick my face in the freezer. I want the remaining glacier(s) to melt and the cold water to come turn my bed into a float. Not really, just in my fantasy (a real fantasy - as opposed to pervert fantasies which are not really fantasies because they really happen.)

I also hate summer because I don't get to see all my friends at school, and I have to spend more time with my brothers who unfortunately are not incapacitated by the torturous heat. People misbehave in the heat--there are more murders. My cat Kevin has been trying to rape our other cat Jamal, and my idiot brothers just point at him and say "Kevin's a faggot! Kevin's a faggot!" I don't care if he's gay. He's a RAPIST! Jamal clearly doesn't want him to do it. He cries and tries to get up. I yell at Kevin and he looks at me like he doesn't understand, so I have to pick him up and take him off poor Jammy. It must be because he's in captivity, but if I let him out, he'll get run over by some idiot in an SUV, so what am I supposed to do? They're both neutered, but I think my brothers let Kevin watch the Discovery channel.

I can't wait til I can go back to school, where the girls do well, and the boys do nothing - because they DON'T HAVE TO, BECAUSE THEY GET ALL THE JOBS AND THE MONEY AND THE PROPERTY ANYWAY!

Monday, July 03, 2006

England hates this holiday

Yet another holiday that involves burning animal parts in the backyard. I am all for independence day, and I like to blow things up as much as the next ten year old (which is a LOT), but I don't want to go to the town park with my family and watch a lame firework display that upsets all the dogs and babies. (The best part is the accidental (every year?) brush fire afterward.)

I would rather get together with other children to declare our independence and target our oppressors. I'd like to put some fireworks in Mr. Chudgewhistle's stretch pants. He's the fifth grade science teacher who's always trying to get the girls to fish the candy corns out of his pockets. Then I might want to go after the senior citizens who are stealing all of our money. They get free health care even if they're rich, but not all kids do, and they get much more money than schools because they vote and whine and all the politicians are afraid not to give them whatever they want. Us children on the other hand, are FORBIDDEN to vote. We have no say in our government. Wasn't that the reason American rebelled and became an emancipated minor????

Fireworks are dangerous, and sometimes things that aren't supposed to accidentally catch fire. And I just hope that when the kabooms go off I'm not anywhere near any of the Iraq war vets, cause they might mistake me for a ten year old Iraqi girl.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Which day exactly ISN’T fathers’ Day?

Which day exactly ISN’T fathers’ Day? They all are. Children are still their property all over the world. Priests are called Father. God is called the Father. And one of the ten commandments is ‘honor thy father’. Why? Because we have to be told to do it, because he certainly doesn’t earn it. It’s a racket I tell you. What if your father is a mean bastard? The holiday acts like all fathers are good – just because they are fathers (and we all know what they did to become that – not very much, and it usually involves alcohol and tricking a woman). We’re supposed to buy them things, like BBQ tools so they can cook in the only way they will – which is to burn dead animals outside, and poke at it with long metal sticks. If the fathers want a day to celebrate themselves, then they better start honoring us children, and treating us REALLY well, or Father’s Day is going to get ugly.

PS. If you’re one of the good fathers (i.e. benevolent dictator) then I’m probably not referring to you, and I don’t want to hear you whine about my statements. Police your own, and then we won’t have to talk about it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


There's a lof of talk these days about Guantanamo, and most of it's not good: force feedings, torture, "suicides" (aka asymetric warfare - yeah, one side has all the guns and runs the prison, and the other one gets to hang themselves with sheets). Um, Guantamo is in CUBA!!!!! And we officially HATE Cuba, and we're not allowed to even go visit there. How is it that we have a prison and a big army base there? How can we pretend that Cuba is a threat, when we have an army and prisoners in their backyard, and they can't do anything about it? Aren't we Cuba's illegal immigrants? And if the army can be there, then why can't I go to Havana and smoke a cigar (I mean aside from that I'm ten, and I don't smoke, and the smell of cigars make me want to vomit)?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Excuse me, but she's NOT an orphan

There's an eleven year old girl in Palestine named Huda Ghaliya, who's father and siblings (and father's other wife) died in an explosion on the beach. This is awful, and we should all be outraged at this and all other senseless acts of violence. Now, the two Palestinian factions are fighting over who will get to adopt her. I thought that was wierd enough, cause I'm pretty sure there are plenty of orphans to go around. But then I found out that she's not really an orphan at all. SHE HAS A MOTHER, but Palestinians consider a fatherless child to be an orphan. What is wrong with them??? I realize people have different beliefs--I have two parents and consider myself an orphan, but I don't expect anyone else to. And I don't see any politicians lining up to adopt me.

If a fatherless child is considered an orphan, then if the Palistinians really cared about children then each woman would have extra husbands, so if one died the children wouldn't have to be orphans.

It should be up to Huda to decide if she wants to be an orphan.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

More on the War

Okay, I do have to deal with the fact that I am living with murderous people who want to kill other creatures, and I’ll get to that when the crisis is over. For now I have to save the animals. I went to retrieve the poison and throw it away, and I discovered that they are not eating the poison. My family is freaking out, because they are making so much noise that it sounds like there are hundreds of them. But today I figured out that it’s not rats, but raccoons, and I can prove it, because they were making raccoon noises. That’s the mother – and she has some babies. This is the sound the babies make: babies. So I found this on the web to prove to all these idiots that it’s wild animals, and not rats, and and you’re not allowed to kill wild animals. And so now they want to put in one way doors so when they leave they can’t come back. Two problems. One is that if the mother leaves, the babies will die in the walls. The other problem is probably a blessing, and that is that the pest men are such slackers that they probably won’t find where the raccoons come it, plus even if they do, the raccoons will find another way, cause they’re very smart. I’m trying to make them wait for the babies to grow up enough to leave with their mother. I’ll keep you posted on that effort.

If you use the links I made to the raccoon noises, please know that I did not google hunting aids, and it is a hunting site -- which I don’t’ understand, because why do hunters need to know what raccoons sound like? Or lots of the other animals on there?

It’s the weekend now, so the animals are safe from the killers, and hopefully they have not eaten any of the poison that is supposed to only kill rats. (Yeah right, my friends cat ate a rat that had been poisoned, and the cat almost died.)


There are atrocities happening under my own roof. We have rats in our house. We’ve never actually seen them, but we hear them, and we find their turds, and they make a lot of noise, and even though they’re the size of our feet – if that, my parents think we are at war. A tribal war, except that they are not trying to kill us, and we are trying to kill them. My parents and brothers are. I am NOT. And the cats don’t seem to care. The only question my family has is how to kill them. Do we poison them? Or crush their heads? My brother wants to crush their heads, because if they eat the poison they’re supposed to get horribly thirsty and go out to look for water and then die, and he’s afraid he won’t get to see the dead bodies. He sits by the side of the house hoping to see one stumble out so he can go Haditha on it. But so far, he’s been robbed of what he thinks is his right to murder.

The “Pest” men have come over 3 times already – and I gave them a list of the pests (with addresses) that I think need ‘removal.’ It’s creepy that we have hired killers coming over to our house. They’re kind of slackers. They just looked around real quick and said they couldn’t find any holes in our house and so they just left poison. I aksed “what about the squirrels and other animals, won’t they die too.” “No” they said, “this won’t hurt them at all, only the rats. We don’t kill animals.” And I said what about the rats? And they said, this will just make them very thirsty and maybe have some heartburn and then they’ll go outside to get a drink. ‘yeah, but they die-- a horrible poisonous death.’ I know they know, but they really don’t want to be killers, it’s just a crappy job, which is probably all they could get. but that’s no excuse to be a murderer. Just cause someone pays you to do it doesn’t mean you didn’t. And just because they use all kinds of fake language doesn’t make it not killing.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Not-So-Great Wall

We're building the not-so-great wall of the US on the Mexico border when the terrorists are in Canada (and the White House), I guess cause we're tired of getting cheap produce. It is criminal after all. And the war is going badly and people don't like "President" Bush anymore, so now Bush is taking action: "bash the gays". I'm sure that will help a lot with the economy and the war and everything else that's wrong here. WWJD? Well, if Jesus was here he'd probably be fag-bashed by his own followers. He had long hair, wore a dress, hung out with a bunch of boys, and called the corrupt people in charge corrupt! He never got married, and he was 33, and in those days, that was NOT normal.

My friend Frances and I are constantly being called 'lezzies', just cause we're not willing to go in the back of the bus with the gross boys who call themselves the Duke LaCross team. And we're not afraid to hold hands or piggyback (though I have to be on top, because Frances weights almost twice what I weigh). I don't care if you call me a lezzie. I don't care if I am a lezzie. I'm ten years old, and right now I'm not interested in sex with ANYONE, and not sure if I ever will be, but that's my business, and if we girls stop being afraid of being called lezzies (and boys stop being afraid of being called faggot) then we'd all be a lot better off. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. But if you EVER throw a stick or stone at me, I will take that as an invitation to go mental on you. And if you call me gay, I will say, "oh, do you mean gay like Ellen and Martina and K.D. Lang, and Virginia Woolf and Leonardo Da Vinci? or do you mean like J.Edgar Hoover, and James Baaker, and the married fathers who go to truck stops?" Idiots.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Child Molester Too Short For Prison. What??!!!!?!??

A judge in Nebraska gave a convicted child molester probation instead of prison because he was too short. He was 5'1". How tall was his victim? If you're tall enough to do the crime, then you're tall enough to do the time. It's not Disneyland -- there's no "you must be this tall to go on this ride." You already went on a ride you weren't supposed to, you little jerk. I don't care if you're a 24 inch stump, you get the same sentence. I'm 4'1", and I have NEVER been spared any punishments because of my height. But I'll be sure to bring it up next time.

If there's gonna be a rule that a short person shouldn't have to go to prison because he will be hurt by bigger criminals, then no children should have to go to institutions full of bigger people -- like school, or families that include parents. Children are constantly preyed on because of their small size. And I'm sure that molester tried to pretend he wasn't dangerous because he was child-sized (big child sized by the way -- he weighs 40 more pounds than I do) -- so if some big cellmate wants to play Santa with him, then I say "Merry Christmas!"

And here's another shocker -- the judge was a woman. I guess she'd rather sympathize with a short man than a child. The one thing worse than a woman who identifies with men is a woman who identifies with short men. If he's so cute and vulnerable, why doesn't SHE take him home?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


When I’m selling Thin Mints I like to tell my customers that they’re fun to eat while watching “To Catch a Predator.” How retarded are some of those men? There was one man who had seen the series and still signed up for a date with Dateline. Duh. My friend Frances and I have our own little sting going, so those of you who are prowling around Myspace better watch out, because we’re not working with law enforcement. We ARE law enforcement. Ethel’s Law. If you make a date with one of us (and obviously I’m not using my own name and profile, duh), you will actually get to meet a couple of ten year olds, but that’s where your fantasy will end. And ours begins. We have already captured 4 men, and they will never report what happened them. One of them pleaded with us “please, I have two small children.” Can you believe that crap? We said, “well then this is for them!” What can I say? Frances has those strong soccer legs, and I have a zero tolerance policy. My space is MY space, and you're not allowed to touch it. But if you try, I promise you a date you'll never forget.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Who you calling a mother?

In addition to what i said yesterday, i have to challenge the whole idea of mothers anyway. because this holiday is a glorification of genetic narcissism. there are too many people on the planet, and most people should not be allowed to have children anyway, and mother's day is propaganda -- oh, it's so wonderful to be a mother. no it's not. just ask Andrea Yates or Susan Smith, or Joan Crawford. Better yet, ask their children. Motherhood (and fatherhood) is just a way where ANYONE can be the boss over someone else. i'm not saying we don't need mothers, but most of them are no Theresa's (just a metaphor, don't get me started on her). I should be celebrated tomorrow, because i am the mother of two cats, who i'm sure would like nothng more than to bring me a dead mouse in my bed. but that will not happen because it's baby animal season so they are not allowed out. even though Jamal whines at the door to go out, i won't let him because it's "save a rat day." and since he cannot be trusted to protect others from himself, i have to do it (like how we should deal with child molesters. don't let them out. call it "save a child day.")

also, i think there should be licenses for being a parent. almost everything else that could be harmful is regulated (unless you're a big business and friends with the president), but like you have to have a license to drive a car or fish (or hunt --MR CHENEY!!! -- though that wasn't hunting, it was more like mass murder.) but you don't have to have any license to have a child. you don't even have to pass a test that asks a) is it okay to leave the kids alone with an armed clown? b) is it okay to starve, beat, molest, torture your children? c) Is it okay to dress them in humiliating clothes that will ruin their social lives?

my point is, you are not allowed to take a new baby out of the hospital until you prove that you have an approved carseat that is properly installed in the car. but once you pass the carseat test and drive them away, you're free to drive them into a lake.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Real Mother's Day

"During the 1600's, England celebrated a day called "Mothering Sunday". During this time many of the England's poor worked as servants for the wealthy. As most jobs were located far from their homes, the servants would live at the houses of their employers. On Mothering Sunday the servants would have the day off and were encouraged to return home and spend the day with their mothers. A special cake, called the mothering cake, was often brought along to provide a festive touch."

"In the United States Mother's Day was first suggested in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe (who wrote the words to the Battle hymn of the Republic) as a day dedicated to peace. Ms. Howe would hold organized Mother's Day meetings in Boston, Mass ever year."

Please note the quotation marks above and see that i did not plagiarize but copied from some website. So mother's day is about exploitation and peace, not picking some flowers from your neighbor's yard and making your mother a disgusting breakfast and getting it all over her bed. Instead, you should make sure she takes the day off of being a servant (even to her own family!), and take her on a peace march.

Of course my mother would never go on a peace march. She works for private prison corporation, and i don't think peace is good for their business. i've tried to convince her that all the soldiers who get killed in Iraq will never end up in prison, but i guess all the veterans who are now psychotic might, so....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sick Day

i'm home sick today. i'm allergic to everything. i'm even allergic to my cat, but i refuse to let that keep us apart. so far i have stopped my parents from deporting him (to certain death at the prison/death camps they call animal shelters), by arguing rightly that i only got a 3 on the allergy scale to cats, and i got 4s to trees and mites, and dust, and all the things that are totally impossible to get rid of, so what's the point in taking away the one thing that keeps me from being otherwise miserable, by killing it. i can't even believe that anyone would suggest it. why do they only test for the things they test for? cause i'm pretty sure that there are a lot of PEOPLE that would cause huge red welts if i was tested for them. it is a fact that certain people can depress your immune system. trust me on this.

i hope i can go back to school tomorrow, because in addition to feeling like crap, i miss my friends and i'm bored.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

I heard some idiot yesterday asking when cinco de mayo was. which is totally duh to begin with, but to add idiot to idiot, she asked it on May 6. Some people have complained that some of my posts are more like complaints than activist oriented, and i will try to be more action oriented, but sometimes my action is to complain about things that just are wrong. i keep hoping if i point htem out then they will get fixed. i realize that's not very likely, but it's worth trying, and might prevent me from doing something that i can later have expunged from my record because i am a juvenile.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Mr. Colbert and the Wussy Press (Typists)

dammit. i just wrote a whole blog entry and i previewed it and then i tried to go back a page to fix it and the whole thing disappeared. of course it was genius. blogspot sucks.

okay, i was writing about how stupid teh press is for trying to hide Steven Colbert ripping them a new asshole. cause that always backfires and the word gets out. and all those idiots make fun of young people for getting their news from Comedy Central, but it's the closest thing to real news, and it's their fault.

how long do you think it took "President" Bush to figure out that he was being made fun of? i think Laura knew before he did, which makes her at least marginally smarter than him, but she is an emabarrasment to our gender by not being divorced (or WIDOWED) yet. unless they threatened to kill her or her children for leaving, i have zero respect for her.

i'm in detention right now, because i sang "America, LA Bonita" at the assembly, which is totally outrageous. i'm trying to learn a second language, which we should all do, but instead it's considered unamerican, even though the "president" speaks English like it's a second language (his first one is some kind of twinspeak, except that his twin is in his head, and hates him.) i must say that kids in detention are quite easy to organize, cause they hate authority and aren't always trying to look good. a few of them would rather put gum in my hair (I'll give you their names, Frances), but some of them make excellent soldiers. i hope the teachers haven't figured out how to read my blog, or i'll wind up in solitary (the janitor's closet, and yes, they put us in there, like some kind of present to all the pervy janitors.)

Monday, May 01, 2006

GET OUT!!!!!!!

don't be reading my blog. go to a protest. they're everywhere. DO IT!

Friday, April 28, 2006


the "President" thinks people "aughta learn. English. [sic, sick]" why doesn't he learn English first? Remember to boycott him and other things on Monday. and go march with all your fellow world citizens.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I think the President is retarded

"The United States and China are two countries separated by a vast ocean." wow. what a genius. he should be in charge of a giant army and a nuclear arsenal and the supreme court and a lot of other things. the only good part of their meeting was hearing the Chinese doctor screeching like a tortured bird. it was horrifying. but also i couldn't stop listening and wanted her to go on longer. i don't know what she was saying, but it didn't sound like heckling to me. it sounded like someone was sticking a tazer or something on her private parts. i've heard chinese spoken, but never like that. i wish we could've had a real translation.

PS i don't mean to make fun of retarded people. mentally disabled. developmentally disabled. but the president is a retard - and not just a retard, an evil retard. how am i supposed to respect authority? I can see that the emporer is a nudist, and i think it's a violation of my human rights to have to see his grotesque naked body.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The good die young

-- like Anthony Soltero. He is a hero and a martyr, and the lives of many will be better because of him.I know how hard it can be for a young activist, and I wish he felt he had other options. I wish he had a lot of radical activist friends – like me. What he did was the right thing (the organizing), and he should not have been punished or threatened for it. That principal should be sent back to kindergarten. He should not be in charge of children. He should not even be in charge of himself.

And why is Hugh Heffner having an 80th birthday party? Why isn't he dead?

Sunday, April 09, 2006


My friend Hector’s parents work very hard and don’t make very much money. It is not true that they are ‘unskilled’, they just have jobs that don’t pay well, because a lot of people have those skills and because they can get away with paying Hector’s parents shitty wages. We went to the march in Los Angeles. Rich people who are hateful and prejudice are trying to punish people like this and are saying that poor “Americans” are going to suffer because the immigrants are depressing the wages, and if we let them become citizens then they’ll be too many workers at the shitty end of the work world (the big end), and so black people and poor white people should hate the Mexicans. But it seems to me there’s a simple solution. RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE. DUH. Of course that will mean that we can’t buy all the things we buy, and we can’t have servants. But it’s the right thing to do!

Also, they complain that “we” are paying for Hector and the other immigrants children to go to school and their parents are not paying enough in taxes to cover them. But that’s because they don’t make diddly squat. If you want them to pay more taxes, you have to pay them more. or consider the cheap ass carwashes and fruit as their tax contributions.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Deport them

Aundre the Wonderwoman says, "illegal immigrants should be deported. IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY CAME. Starting with the Mayflower people."

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Coyote got Biko'd

Hal, the one year old coyote that was in Central Park died in custody yesterday. They said "the cause of death had not been determined," but they also said "Hal stopped breathing when he was restrained to put an identification tag on his ear...a soft muzzle had been placed around Hal's snout, but it did not cover his nose. His legs had also been restrained, but he had not been tranquilized." I'm surprised they didn't say that he hung himself.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Virtual child porn

How come when someone gets caught with 10,000 pictures of child porn they say that it's not real children, it's virtual, and you can't prove they are real, so there's no case. and then the cops say ok, yeah, we can't prove it. it's so hard. and then everyone throws up their hands, but ask anyone in hollywood or any animation or cartoon geek, it costs a LOT of money to make virtual anything. that's very high tech, and there would be a LOT of evidence that someone made something that WASN'T real. so instead of making the prosecutor prove that the children are real, the "Alleged" perp should have to prove that it is NOT real, which should be really easy.

this whole idea of the virtual child porn is a way of disappearing the children. children who are in real trouble. The question we should be asking is "What if the children are real?" no body thinks the prisoners in Abu Ghraib were virtual, even though it looked exactly like porn (and whatever freak thing you are into, your children know. trust me, they know.) Children have no power and no rights, and calling them "virtual" is just one more diss. "oh, it's just a fantasy" THat's crap. when your fantasy violates my skin, it's not your fantasy anymore. it's my life, and your fantasy is going to become your nightmare when we grow up. so get your virtual shit together. i don't care if you're attracted to children, just don't touch them. it's virtually that simple.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


My dad's toenails are disgusting. they are yellow and gnarled and horrid, and look like monster/troll feet. my uncle's toes are the same, and i'm told that a lot of men's feet are like that and it's because of athlete's foot. Trust me, these men are not athletes, and some women are, and women get athlete's foot too - which is a fungus, but their feet never look like this because if a woman saw her feet like that she would know that something was wrong and she would take care of it! This is why i think if women were in charge that the environment would not be in the hideatrocious state that it is in. Men have treated the whole world like their toenails. but there are no shoes that are going to cover up the death and stench that their carelessness is wreaking on all of us. PLEASE, use the cream. don't make me have to look at that shit.

Global warming

Why are we the only species that burns things?

Monday, March 20, 2006


Statute of Limitations or Shit out of Luck, which is what you are if you were sexually abused and can't talk about it until you're old enough to not be dependent on the molester (or are no longer afraid because he said he would kill you if you talked, and that no one would believe you anyway, because you are a child, and children lie and everybody knows it).

Why do we have SOLs? So men can get on with their lives if they haven't been caught after a few years. You can't expect them to have to live with the constant threat of being held resonsible. that would be unconstitutional!

But what's even worse than those men are their idiot defenders -- the men who supposedly didn't do anything wrong, but don't want the real perps to be hunted for after a few years, because they themselves might be accused of something they didn't do, and that would REALLY be unconstitutional and unamerican and such a huge violation of their civil liberties that we're just better off if a few (million) children are raped with impunity.

Better that a million child rapists should go free than one innocent man should be tarnished by an accusation and have to go through an investigation.

Andrea Yates' Lamo Ex

Russell "Rusty" Yates got remarried yesterday, and then they drove off in a little red corvette. Hmm. what's wrong with this picture? i've always been suspicious of him, since he didn't seem to feel much of anything for his children, and he wouldn't let Andrea stop having babies even though she was suicidal and hospitalized after number 4 and they said she should not have any more. why did he make her home school all of those children? did she not have enough stress? or did he not want the school social workers to notice that he was probably molesting them. the only good thing about his new wife is that she's 41, and probably can't have too many babies now. though they'll probably take fertility drugs and she'll have 5 all at once. Maybe if she drowns them, then someone will look more closely at "rusty".

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hard for a pimp? WHAT??!???

How did that dance get past the censors? i guess as long as they didn't have "I hate Bush" tattooed on their asses, then anything goes. I can't believe "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won. well, actually, i can, but the winner should really be "It's even Harder Out here for a prostitute." why are pimps sympathetic characters? and just because a pimp is sometimes black does not make him NOT a slave master, cause that's what they are. they make money from the labor and bodies of their slaves, and if the prostitute/slave doesn't do what they want, then the pimp beats them.
i would like to smack a pimp around. Hard. when prostitutes start beating up and stealing back all their money from the pimps, and selling the pimpses asses out on the street to gross men (all the ones who think sexual abuse is okay if its commercial). THEN it woudl be hard out there for a pimp.

South Dakota?

i think the war is officially on now. South Dakota (MEN) have now made it crimininal for women and girls to refuse to give birth to the children who come from men. this includes being raped by their own fathers (which some people might call incest, but i think there's at least a little difference between adult first cousins who fall in love, or the Brady bunch siblings, and a 185 lb. 38 year old man who has sex with an 11 year old, who might have at some point shown him her underwear - but that's the house where she lives, and he's supposed to protect her from people like himself. i would like to invite all the women and girls in SD (which i am now going to call State of Dicks) to come to California. and even though i have never been to the State of Dicks, and it wasn't on my list of places to visit even, i am now officially boycotting it. I don'[t know if it will matter if we all boycott it, because i don't know if anyone ever went there, but let's do it anyway. i don't like them. and i hope all the women who take a bus to another state to get an abortion NEVER go back.

Monday, March 06, 2006

This is a recent picture of me (Ethel), in case you don't know who I am.


June 25, 2005
First of all, I am enraged that Michael Jackson was found not guilty, just because his victim’s mother sold him to Mr. Jackson. They should’ve both been convicted. GUILTY. And of course Michael Jackson picked a boy who’s going to die of cancer so he’s not going to get to grow up and get them all back.
But I’m glad to know that the Congress is dealing with the problems in our country, which are very serious, by making it a crime to burn the flag. Hello. People are burning in the streets of Baghdad,

March 3, 2006.
Okay. I got distracted. I had a lot of homework, and was busy trying to fix things and getting in trouble for my efforts. I’m still enraged – why aren’t you? I have begun a diet of eating only danishes, (with Danish butter of course), in protest of the insanity over the cartoons. I heard someone from the government of Sudan on the radio talking about how insensitive the cartoons were, and how they were now boycotting Danish products and their diplomats too. Insensitive. Hmmm. I’m pretty sure this is the same Sudanese govt. who is currently sponosoring a GENOCIDE!!? I would call that pretty insensitive to the people being slaughtered, but hey, I’m in fifth grade. I’m sure father knows best.