Thursday, July 13, 2006


I don't know why people think that summer is so much fun. It's more like hell if you ask me. It's hot. Very hot. Too hot. I know it's wrong but sometimes I have to go stick my face in the freezer. I want the remaining glacier(s) to melt and the cold water to come turn my bed into a float. Not really, just in my fantasy (a real fantasy - as opposed to pervert fantasies which are not really fantasies because they really happen.)

I also hate summer because I don't get to see all my friends at school, and I have to spend more time with my brothers who unfortunately are not incapacitated by the torturous heat. People misbehave in the heat--there are more murders. My cat Kevin has been trying to rape our other cat Jamal, and my idiot brothers just point at him and say "Kevin's a faggot! Kevin's a faggot!" I don't care if he's gay. He's a RAPIST! Jamal clearly doesn't want him to do it. He cries and tries to get up. I yell at Kevin and he looks at me like he doesn't understand, so I have to pick him up and take him off poor Jammy. It must be because he's in captivity, but if I let him out, he'll get run over by some idiot in an SUV, so what am I supposed to do? They're both neutered, but I think my brothers let Kevin watch the Discovery channel.

I can't wait til I can go back to school, where the girls do well, and the boys do nothing - because they DON'T HAVE TO, BECAUSE THEY GET ALL THE JOBS AND THE MONEY AND THE PROPERTY ANYWAY!

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