Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Current Events

If you're flying a plane, don't hit the birds.

Just because you lose your job and don't have money is not a reason to kill all of your children.

If Michael Phelps has to apologize for smoking pot, then the rest of us should have to apologize for NOT winning 8 gold medals.

When Ashleigh said she wanted to be a cosmetologist, Angela, who wants to be a lawyer, said "that should be your second choice."

If cows have to have babies to make all that milk, what happens to all those babies?

Does the kind of shoe you throw at a politician matter? Which makes a better statement, a child's shoe or a cowboy boot with spurs?

First Bush and his party had a giant party and trashed the country, and now they won't vote for the stimulation package so ALL children are going to be left behind. It's not all bad though, cause us children in Orange County finally know what it's like to have a snow day.