Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Play-Date-Rape Drug

Aqua Dot beads turn into roofies when you eat them. How did they figure that out? Now not only do we have to avoid small parts, but if the strange man offers us toys instead of candy, we could be in big trouble, cause apparently children will eat anything, even if it doesn't have the delicious taste of lead. But I guess they had to put the roofies in the toys because it's hard to get kids to drink beer or grain alcohol.

There's a lot of kids in our school who's houses are for sale or got repo'd by the bank and a lot of kids have been told that they shouldn't expect much from Santa this year. But maybe that's good because the worse the country does then the less toys from China we can buy. Of course we can't afford food so well either, and that might lead to more bead snacks.