Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Virtual child porn

How come when someone gets caught with 10,000 pictures of child porn they say that it's not real children, it's virtual, and you can't prove they are real, so there's no case. and then the cops say ok, yeah, we can't prove it. it's so hard. and then everyone throws up their hands, but ask anyone in hollywood or any animation or cartoon geek, it costs a LOT of money to make virtual anything. that's very high tech, and there would be a LOT of evidence that someone made something that WASN'T real. so instead of making the prosecutor prove that the children are real, the "Alleged" perp should have to prove that it is NOT real, which should be really easy.

this whole idea of the virtual child porn is a way of disappearing the children. children who are in real trouble. The question we should be asking is "What if the children are real?" no body thinks the prisoners in Abu Ghraib were virtual, even though it looked exactly like porn (and whatever freak thing you are into, your children know. trust me, they know.) Children have no power and no rights, and calling them "virtual" is just one more diss. "oh, it's just a fantasy" THat's crap. when your fantasy violates my skin, it's not your fantasy anymore. it's my life, and your fantasy is going to become your nightmare when we grow up. so get your virtual shit together. i don't care if you're attracted to children, just don't touch them. it's virtually that simple.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


My dad's toenails are disgusting. they are yellow and gnarled and horrid, and look like monster/troll feet. my uncle's toes are the same, and i'm told that a lot of men's feet are like that and it's because of athlete's foot. Trust me, these men are not athletes, and some women are, and women get athlete's foot too - which is a fungus, but their feet never look like this because if a woman saw her feet like that she would know that something was wrong and she would take care of it! This is why i think if women were in charge that the environment would not be in the hideatrocious state that it is in. Men have treated the whole world like their toenails. but there are no shoes that are going to cover up the death and stench that their carelessness is wreaking on all of us. PLEASE, use the cream. don't make me have to look at that shit.

Global warming

Why are we the only species that burns things?

Monday, March 20, 2006


Statute of Limitations or Shit out of Luck, which is what you are if you were sexually abused and can't talk about it until you're old enough to not be dependent on the molester (or are no longer afraid because he said he would kill you if you talked, and that no one would believe you anyway, because you are a child, and children lie and everybody knows it).

Why do we have SOLs? So men can get on with their lives if they haven't been caught after a few years. You can't expect them to have to live with the constant threat of being held resonsible. that would be unconstitutional!

But what's even worse than those men are their idiot defenders -- the men who supposedly didn't do anything wrong, but don't want the real perps to be hunted for after a few years, because they themselves might be accused of something they didn't do, and that would REALLY be unconstitutional and unamerican and such a huge violation of their civil liberties that we're just better off if a few (million) children are raped with impunity.

Better that a million child rapists should go free than one innocent man should be tarnished by an accusation and have to go through an investigation.

Andrea Yates' Lamo Ex

Russell "Rusty" Yates got remarried yesterday, and then they drove off in a little red corvette. Hmm. what's wrong with this picture? i've always been suspicious of him, since he didn't seem to feel much of anything for his children, and he wouldn't let Andrea stop having babies even though she was suicidal and hospitalized after number 4 and they said she should not have any more. why did he make her home school all of those children? did she not have enough stress? or did he not want the school social workers to notice that he was probably molesting them. the only good thing about his new wife is that she's 41, and probably can't have too many babies now. though they'll probably take fertility drugs and she'll have 5 all at once. Maybe if she drowns them, then someone will look more closely at "rusty".

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hard for a pimp? WHAT??!???

How did that dance get past the censors? i guess as long as they didn't have "I hate Bush" tattooed on their asses, then anything goes. I can't believe "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won. well, actually, i can, but the winner should really be "It's even Harder Out here for a prostitute." why are pimps sympathetic characters? and just because a pimp is sometimes black does not make him NOT a slave master, cause that's what they are. they make money from the labor and bodies of their slaves, and if the prostitute/slave doesn't do what they want, then the pimp beats them.
i would like to smack a pimp around. Hard. when prostitutes start beating up and stealing back all their money from the pimps, and selling the pimpses asses out on the street to gross men (all the ones who think sexual abuse is okay if its commercial). THEN it woudl be hard out there for a pimp.

South Dakota?

i think the war is officially on now. South Dakota (MEN) have now made it crimininal for women and girls to refuse to give birth to the children who come from men. this includes being raped by their own fathers (which some people might call incest, but i think there's at least a little difference between adult first cousins who fall in love, or the Brady bunch siblings, and a 185 lb. 38 year old man who has sex with an 11 year old, who might have at some point shown him her underwear - but that's the house where she lives, and he's supposed to protect her from people like himself. i would like to invite all the women and girls in SD (which i am now going to call State of Dicks) to come to California. and even though i have never been to the State of Dicks, and it wasn't on my list of places to visit even, i am now officially boycotting it. I don'[t know if it will matter if we all boycott it, because i don't know if anyone ever went there, but let's do it anyway. i don't like them. and i hope all the women who take a bus to another state to get an abortion NEVER go back.

Monday, March 06, 2006

This is a recent picture of me (Ethel), in case you don't know who I am.


June 25, 2005
First of all, I am enraged that Michael Jackson was found not guilty, just because his victim’s mother sold him to Mr. Jackson. They should’ve both been convicted. GUILTY. And of course Michael Jackson picked a boy who’s going to die of cancer so he’s not going to get to grow up and get them all back.
But I’m glad to know that the Congress is dealing with the problems in our country, which are very serious, by making it a crime to burn the flag. Hello. People are burning in the streets of Baghdad,

March 3, 2006.
Okay. I got distracted. I had a lot of homework, and was busy trying to fix things and getting in trouble for my efforts. I’m still enraged – why aren’t you? I have begun a diet of eating only danishes, (with Danish butter of course), in protest of the insanity over the cartoons. I heard someone from the government of Sudan on the radio talking about how insensitive the cartoons were, and how they were now boycotting Danish products and their diplomats too. Insensitive. Hmmm. I’m pretty sure this is the same Sudanese govt. who is currently sponosoring a GENOCIDE!!? I would call that pretty insensitive to the people being slaughtered, but hey, I’m in fifth grade. I’m sure father knows best.