Thursday, March 23, 2006


My dad's toenails are disgusting. they are yellow and gnarled and horrid, and look like monster/troll feet. my uncle's toes are the same, and i'm told that a lot of men's feet are like that and it's because of athlete's foot. Trust me, these men are not athletes, and some women are, and women get athlete's foot too - which is a fungus, but their feet never look like this because if a woman saw her feet like that she would know that something was wrong and she would take care of it! This is why i think if women were in charge that the environment would not be in the hideatrocious state that it is in. Men have treated the whole world like their toenails. but there are no shoes that are going to cover up the death and stench that their carelessness is wreaking on all of us. PLEASE, use the cream. don't make me have to look at that shit.

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Anonymous said...

Another classic Eth. Jeez, you're killing me! Pass the fungi (fun-guy?) cream!