Monday, March 20, 2006

Andrea Yates' Lamo Ex

Russell "Rusty" Yates got remarried yesterday, and then they drove off in a little red corvette. Hmm. what's wrong with this picture? i've always been suspicious of him, since he didn't seem to feel much of anything for his children, and he wouldn't let Andrea stop having babies even though she was suicidal and hospitalized after number 4 and they said she should not have any more. why did he make her home school all of those children? did she not have enough stress? or did he not want the school social workers to notice that he was probably molesting them. the only good thing about his new wife is that she's 41, and probably can't have too many babies now. though they'll probably take fertility drugs and she'll have 5 all at once. Maybe if she drowns them, then someone will look more closely at "rusty".

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