Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hard for a pimp? WHAT??!???

How did that dance get past the censors? i guess as long as they didn't have "I hate Bush" tattooed on their asses, then anything goes. I can't believe "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won. well, actually, i can, but the winner should really be "It's even Harder Out here for a prostitute." why are pimps sympathetic characters? and just because a pimp is sometimes black does not make him NOT a slave master, cause that's what they are. they make money from the labor and bodies of their slaves, and if the prostitute/slave doesn't do what they want, then the pimp beats them.
i would like to smack a pimp around. Hard. when prostitutes start beating up and stealing back all their money from the pimps, and selling the pimpses asses out on the street to gross men (all the ones who think sexual abuse is okay if its commercial). THEN it woudl be hard out there for a pimp.


Anonymous said...

Your right but what the fuck, your in fucking 5th grade come on u can't be worry about this kind of crap. you sould be outside fucking catching bugs or frogs in a pond. wait untill your atleast an adult

awoo said...

you are the best