Monday, March 20, 2006


Statute of Limitations or Shit out of Luck, which is what you are if you were sexually abused and can't talk about it until you're old enough to not be dependent on the molester (or are no longer afraid because he said he would kill you if you talked, and that no one would believe you anyway, because you are a child, and children lie and everybody knows it).

Why do we have SOLs? So men can get on with their lives if they haven't been caught after a few years. You can't expect them to have to live with the constant threat of being held resonsible. that would be unconstitutional!

But what's even worse than those men are their idiot defenders -- the men who supposedly didn't do anything wrong, but don't want the real perps to be hunted for after a few years, because they themselves might be accused of something they didn't do, and that would REALLY be unconstitutional and unamerican and such a huge violation of their civil liberties that we're just better off if a few (million) children are raped with impunity.

Better that a million child rapists should go free than one innocent man should be tarnished by an accusation and have to go through an investigation.

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