Tuesday, March 07, 2006

South Dakota?

i think the war is officially on now. South Dakota (MEN) have now made it crimininal for women and girls to refuse to give birth to the children who come from men. this includes being raped by their own fathers (which some people might call incest, but i think there's at least a little difference between adult first cousins who fall in love, or the Brady bunch siblings, and a 185 lb. 38 year old man who has sex with an 11 year old, who might have at some point shown him her underwear - but that's the house where she lives, and he's supposed to protect her from people like himself. i would like to invite all the women and girls in SD (which i am now going to call State of Dicks) to come to California. and even though i have never been to the State of Dicks, and it wasn't on my list of places to visit even, i am now officially boycotting it. I don'[t know if it will matter if we all boycott it, because i don't know if anyone ever went there, but let's do it anyway. i don't like them. and i hope all the women who take a bus to another state to get an abortion NEVER go back.

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