Monday, February 04, 2008

Pet Mart

Okay, a couple of days ago I heard that there were two explosions at pet markets in Iraq, which is totally heartbreaking. As far as I can tell the animals aren't members of any tribe and have a hard enough life to begin with. Plus I think most of the people at the pet markets are nice animal-loving people (except for the few who are really getting them to eat). But THEN I heard the bombers were women and I was even more sad because I expect women to behave better. Women blowing up animals? that just ruins my whole way of seeing the world. But THEN I found out that it was really retarded (Down's Syndrome) women who didn't even know they were bombers: some men strapped the bombs on them and told them to go pet the animals. My world view was restored, but it is so horrible I don't know what to do. I love animals so much that if someone gave me a heavy vest and said I could go pet the kitties, I would. What is wrong with these men? And why doesn't anyone call it what it is? which is just old-fashioned male culture- which seems to be about terrorizing women and children and animals and smaller men.

That night I was trying to feel better and we rented Ratatouille, and that helped not at ALL! Because in the whole movie there was only one female character (except for the old lady with the shot gun at the beginning). Even the rats were all male. How do you have a whole colony of rats and they're all boys? Who gave birth to them all? or did they just kill off all the females before filming started (I know it's animated). Have the rats gone all Taliban? Even animation, where you can make up whatever world you want is the same old boy, boy, boy. The BEE Movie? That was all about boys too. I got news for you. Bee colonies are almost entirely female. Drones are females. There is no Jerry Seinfeld bee in real life. And me and my friends are totally sick of it. How come we're expected to watch and enjoy (and then ask for the related toys) all the shows that are about boys and boy characters, but if there's a girl character then only girls are expected to watch? Next thing you know they'll be strapping a vest full of bottle rockets and roman candles to a retarded girl and telling her to go play with the dolls in the American Girl store.

Someday I'm gonna make an animated movie, and it's going to be MY fantasy. I promise you THAT will be explosive.