Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Check the other 7th graders for stubble

With the exception of the teachers and the administrators and the custodial staff and the other adults at school, I used to think we were safe at school. Of course students do assault each other--and more often than anyone knows--but now I'm gonna have to ask all the kids I play with for two forms of ID. What if this "student" tried to infiltrate my Girl Scout Troop -- though the only boy we let in is Hector, cause he's my friend and his mom is one of the troop leaders, and he's small so I could take him if I needed to, and he's way cool anyway, but HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN???
PHOENIX - A convicted sex offender attended at least two Arizona middle schools, sat through seventh-grade courses and turned in homework as he moved around the state pretending to be 12 years old, officials say.

Authorities in Yavapai County have accused Neil Havens Rodreick II, who is really 29, of assaulting a girl.
He went to at least TWO schools. And at the time he was living with a 61 year old man who thought he was having sex with a 12 year-old (so he should be convicted too even though his 12 year-old is really 29).

Oh, and get this, he got kicked out for poor attendance! Not for being an adult child molester. I wonder if they would've even caught him if he wore a fox costume to school and asked all the other kids to put on the chicken outfits.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The LA Weekly sells flesh

All these papers that think they are so progressive and do exposes of businesses and politicians (especially right wing ones) and talk about freedom and liberation actually make all their money pimping. Look at the pages and pages of girls and women for sale in the back. And a naked massage is not therapy. And then there's the ads that are trying to make all the women who don't have pimps into whores too (except more voluntarily and for free).

LA WEEKLY advertorial
Heart & Pole
Trina Lance bringings [sic] her unique blend of humor and sensuality to this class that is truly designed for women from 18-30. This class teaches you classic pole moves and reconnects you to your feminine power.

Okay, first of all, "truly" designed? As opposed to "not really" designed for women 18-30 (instead it's truly for women 0-17 and 31-99). And "classic" pole moves? Is that like "classic" Christian rock? To reconnect me with my FEMININE POWER???? I think Hilary in the White House is real Feminine Power. Humping a pole so some man can believe you would want to do that to him is NOT power. You're humping a pole with a piece of floss stuck in your butt. Most of the women who pole dance didn't have the option of being a Senator or the President, but don't try to sell this to us as some kind of liberation. 1984 is OVER, you pimps.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Now you can wear Ethel's Law

Now you can join me in my children's civil rights movement by buying and wearing my stuff. There's a link on the left where it says "links." or you can link right here: Ethel's Merch

The Gloves Are Off

A CA state legislator named Sally Lieber is trying to pass a law that says you can't spank (beat) a child under 4 years old. And people are publicly whining about this! It just goes to further make my point that children are slaves. 'Parental rights' are about owning your 'property', and if you want to wreck or destroy or sell your property, then who is the government to tell you not to. Here's an example of a proud owner:

"The day that the [government] gives birth to my children, then they have a right to raise them," wrote Esther. "Till then they are mine to do with as I please. I will raise them the way I see fit. If I think that those little butts need a swat … I will be the one to give it to them."

Just because you got drunk and pregnant doesn't give you the right to own the poor creature who had to come through your body to get here. You don't get to grow your own victim. [And you should think about how you treat your kids if you don't want to get smothered in your nursing home bed!]

At one time we had a civil war because some people wanted to be allowed to own other people, and some people thought that that was wrong. It's time for another civil war.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Get out of the cult you idiots

Some Jehovah's witnesses had a litter of babies and of course the babies were premature and now they need blood transfusions but the freak parents won't let them because the bible says they can not eat blood. First of all, JWs are not vegetarians, so they're total hypocrites - and flesh eaters (cannibals in my book). And people don't eat transfusions --they get them through a shot. And these idiots who won't eat blood, apparently eat fertility drugs (like candy). God didn't want you to have any babies - that's why you were infertile!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Dignified Killings please

In Iraq they executed two more of Saddam's gang, and when they hung one of them his head fell off. Condoleeza said that she wished it would've been more dignified. Maybe everyone should've been wearing tuxedos at the event. Keep your heads on people! Otherwise it's so gross and disturbing that it might make people think the death penalty is not a giant step forward toward democracy. But I guess if the majority of people vote for heads to fall off then it is democratic (though I don't think the people who's heads would fall off would agree.)

Maybe next time they could use some kind of tape or something so they don't have this problem. My dad has some extra duct tape from when the government told us how to protect ourselves during the orange alert.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Some children SHOULD be left behind

I am of course referring to the "President." Things are going badly so he wants to do more of the same. And now they are having such a hard time finding troops that they are sending army men into the elementary schools to try to tell us how great a job it is so we'll sign up the second we're old enough (and in the meantime sign up for army email and start playing their videogames). I think we should be able to vote a few times before we have to go fight for some idiot.

I've started a petition to ask my public school to start teaching shoemaking, cause it's pretty clear that in a few years China is going to call in our debt and then we're going to be making THEIR shoes. I think that will be easier for more Americans than learning Chinese. Chinese is a lot harder than Spanish, and even though we practically live in Mexico, I don't know very many "Americans" who can say much more than "por favor, limpia mi casa ahora." It would be nice if my classmates would go to college and learn how to be world citizens (as opposed to drunken idiots on Spring break), but I think we'll be leaving most of them to poverty and worse if we don't at least teach shoe-making. I'm not excluding myself either. I want to know how to make a nice oxford (from naugahyde - not real animals).