Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The LA Weekly sells flesh

All these papers that think they are so progressive and do exposes of businesses and politicians (especially right wing ones) and talk about freedom and liberation actually make all their money pimping. Look at the pages and pages of girls and women for sale in the back. And a naked massage is not therapy. And then there's the ads that are trying to make all the women who don't have pimps into whores too (except more voluntarily and for free).

LA WEEKLY advertorial
Heart & Pole
Trina Lance bringings [sic] her unique blend of humor and sensuality to this class that is truly designed for women from 18-30. This class teaches you classic pole moves and reconnects you to your feminine power.

Okay, first of all, "truly" designed? As opposed to "not really" designed for women 18-30 (instead it's truly for women 0-17 and 31-99). And "classic" pole moves? Is that like "classic" Christian rock? To reconnect me with my FEMININE POWER???? I think Hilary in the White House is real Feminine Power. Humping a pole so some man can believe you would want to do that to him is NOT power. You're humping a pole with a piece of floss stuck in your butt. Most of the women who pole dance didn't have the option of being a Senator or the President, but don't try to sell this to us as some kind of liberation. 1984 is OVER, you pimps.

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