Friday, January 12, 2007

Some children SHOULD be left behind

I am of course referring to the "President." Things are going badly so he wants to do more of the same. And now they are having such a hard time finding troops that they are sending army men into the elementary schools to try to tell us how great a job it is so we'll sign up the second we're old enough (and in the meantime sign up for army email and start playing their videogames). I think we should be able to vote a few times before we have to go fight for some idiot.

I've started a petition to ask my public school to start teaching shoemaking, cause it's pretty clear that in a few years China is going to call in our debt and then we're going to be making THEIR shoes. I think that will be easier for more Americans than learning Chinese. Chinese is a lot harder than Spanish, and even though we practically live in Mexico, I don't know very many "Americans" who can say much more than "por favor, limpia mi casa ahora." It would be nice if my classmates would go to college and learn how to be world citizens (as opposed to drunken idiots on Spring break), but I think we'll be leaving most of them to poverty and worse if we don't at least teach shoe-making. I'm not excluding myself either. I want to know how to make a nice oxford (from naugahyde - not real animals).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ethel, Good to see you ranting again. Clever, the shoemaking thing.

Anonymous said...

Funny pretty true, but the funny thing is the Us army has by far the largest army in the world and can kick anyones ass. O and just thank God its Bushs last term as president.