Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm Back

Sorry about my absence -- both for my fans and my enemies. I just got out of rehab. Not really, but that's my story. Well it's sort of true. I got "diagnosed" and given Ritalin, which would be fine if I was past puberty and could enjoy it for recreation, but at my age, it's like thorazine. Of course I stopped taking it (and am hiding my growing stash of pills for future projects).

Of course there's nothing wrong with me. It's the rest of the world that needs to be medicated. Just because I noticed the pattern of attacks on girls and thought we should protect ourselves, I get labeled sick. But the men who rape and shoot the girls, well, they're just boys gotten a little out of control. Of course they do always shoot themselves afterward. But why don't they ever shoot themselves first?

For my part I refuse to explain ANY of my behavior (they accused me of "incitement") by saying I had a drug problem -- or a lack-of-drugs problem -- because there is nothing wrong with my behavior. I am the only rational one around. I'm tired of everyone blaming their sicko behavior on alcohol, like that idiot Foley. "Oh, yeah, I'm an alcoholic and I'm going to rehab now." That was very confusing, cause Mel led us all to believe that alcoholism causes anti-semitism, not pedophilia.

Anyway, I gotta go back to class now, but I'll be back later.


Anonymous said...

I guess alcoholism can cause all manner of twisted behavior. It's a catch-all excuse. Welcome back!

Marcheline said...


I'm sure you've heard this before, but here goes...

After seeing your blog address while playing WEBOGGLE (I'm Horcruxes Galore, btw), I decided to check out your blog.

While I'm not politically inclined, I am 40 years old, and have been around the block enough times to say that I think your writing is not the writing of a fifth grader... your vocabulary and your choices of topic are much more mature than any fifth grader I've ever known, and more mature than most adults I've known, too.

Either you are an extremely advanced fifth grader, or you are just using the age thing to try and attract attention to your blog.

I'm skeptical. If you didn't have the whole fifth-grader thing going on, I think your blog might just be another feminist/activist whiny-blog.

Seems odd to me that you don't have a bunch of your fifth grade friends commenting on your blog, either...

What gives?

- M

Ethel Spiliotes said...

it's only whiny if you're doing it so someone else will fix the thing you're whining about. I'm not that hopeful and stupid. I'm not whining, I'm warning. As for feminist, activist, and blog, yes, yes, and yes.

Ethel Spiliotes said...

PS. Marcheline, what's the obsession with Anjelina Jolie? Are you in love with her? (it's okay, i just want to know)