Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Dignified Killings please

In Iraq they executed two more of Saddam's gang, and when they hung one of them his head fell off. Condoleeza said that she wished it would've been more dignified. Maybe everyone should've been wearing tuxedos at the event. Keep your heads on people! Otherwise it's so gross and disturbing that it might make people think the death penalty is not a giant step forward toward democracy. But I guess if the majority of people vote for heads to fall off then it is democratic (though I don't think the people who's heads would fall off would agree.)

Maybe next time they could use some kind of tape or something so they don't have this problem. My dad has some extra duct tape from when the government told us how to protect ourselves during the orange alert.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! And funny.

janet copenhaver said...

Oh that was funny!