Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Check the other 7th graders for stubble

With the exception of the teachers and the administrators and the custodial staff and the other adults at school, I used to think we were safe at school. Of course students do assault each other--and more often than anyone knows--but now I'm gonna have to ask all the kids I play with for two forms of ID. What if this "student" tried to infiltrate my Girl Scout Troop -- though the only boy we let in is Hector, cause he's my friend and his mom is one of the troop leaders, and he's small so I could take him if I needed to, and he's way cool anyway, but HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN???
PHOENIX - A convicted sex offender attended at least two Arizona middle schools, sat through seventh-grade courses and turned in homework as he moved around the state pretending to be 12 years old, officials say.

Authorities in Yavapai County have accused Neil Havens Rodreick II, who is really 29, of assaulting a girl.
He went to at least TWO schools. And at the time he was living with a 61 year old man who thought he was having sex with a 12 year-old (so he should be convicted too even though his 12 year-old is really 29).

Oh, and get this, he got kicked out for poor attendance! Not for being an adult child molester. I wonder if they would've even caught him if he wore a fox costume to school and asked all the other kids to put on the chicken outfits.

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