Saturday, June 17, 2006

Which day exactly ISN’T fathers’ Day?

Which day exactly ISN’T fathers’ Day? They all are. Children are still their property all over the world. Priests are called Father. God is called the Father. And one of the ten commandments is ‘honor thy father’. Why? Because we have to be told to do it, because he certainly doesn’t earn it. It’s a racket I tell you. What if your father is a mean bastard? The holiday acts like all fathers are good – just because they are fathers (and we all know what they did to become that – not very much, and it usually involves alcohol and tricking a woman). We’re supposed to buy them things, like BBQ tools so they can cook in the only way they will – which is to burn dead animals outside, and poke at it with long metal sticks. If the fathers want a day to celebrate themselves, then they better start honoring us children, and treating us REALLY well, or Father’s Day is going to get ugly.

PS. If you’re one of the good fathers (i.e. benevolent dictator) then I’m probably not referring to you, and I don’t want to hear you whine about my statements. Police your own, and then we won’t have to talk about it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful slant, Eth. You lift my spirits!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ethel for the honesty and sardonic wit to tell it like it is! If we are ever going to put a dent in the horrifically high child abuse statistics, we need to combat brutality with brutal honesty.

About "burning dead animals." Why is the rite of burning slaughtered animals on a fire considered the hallmark of a celebration? Could it be ancient "leftovers" of a sacrificial culture where the helpless are fair game?

It's time for us to re-invent our holidays! How about "Kindness Day," "Don't Roast Animals Day," "Children's Day!" and "UnFathered and UnMothered Day (for all of us with abusive Unparents). We need a whole new slew of cards to go with them.

I'm ready to start creating some new cards and new days!

You are the best Eth!

"Yet this abundant issue seem'd to me, but hope of orphans and unfather'd fruit" Shakespeare I believe.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to add another new Day to the previous list. It's called "Leave a Comment on Your Sister Blogger's Blog Day!"

Yup, I'm going to say what countless other bloggers are thinking, but are too modest to say. I'm not because my modest button is broken, correction, was smashed a long time ago.

Need a snappy logo for it though. Like "Don't be a ghostess, when you come by to visit, give a shout out to your hostess." OK, I'm not a poet, at least not this early b4 my cancer med.

I'm rising but not shining early in the A.M. with my disabled fur-child.

Anonymous said...

first of which without that bastard father you wouldn't exists. and jesus christ i seriously think there is no way your in grade 5 because firstly i've never seen a fucking 10 to 11yr old be such a fucking dycke. stop bitching and fucking stand up and fight( making these blogs isn't fighting shit so stop thinking it does)

Ps the comandment is honor your father and "MOTHER"

Unknown said...

Hrm. Interesting comment, "you wouldn't exist", whoever you really are. I'd have to say you're probably a graduate of high school or perhaps even college, though I'd have to insist that you only went to US schools. Your lack of grammar or spelling knowledge is a dead giveaway, even if your inability to speak without saying "fucking" every three words wasn't.

Of course, you might not be a graduate at all, but rather a drop-out. But that would be more likely if you WEREN'T so obviously brainwashed. Just because Ethel wouldn't have been born the way she was if it wasn't for her father doesn't give her father - or anyone else for that matter - the right to be abusive. And yes, it is possible to abuse a person and never touch them. Hell, you can abuse a person without ever SEEING them, thanks to the Internet and phones and TV and whatnot.

As to the actual content of your comment, blogging actually is a way to fight. Given that Ethel is "not old enough" to be allowed a weapon of any decent efficiency, and is subject to a "commandment" to live within the rules of adults who would likely be in the line of fire if they allowed any sort of firepower, what do you expect her to do? I've been 21 for nearly seven months, and *I'm* not even "allowed" the required firepower - and I'm even in the military! Constructive feedback is always welcome everywhere, but when you're talking just to talk, it's time to shut up and find something else to do.

I will concede that the commandment is to "Honour thy father and thy mother", but you have to admit that father does come first, and I wouldn't be surprised to find one or more versions of the Bible (there are so many translations it's hard to figure out WHICH one is being used to back up WHICH ridiculous statement) where mothers aren't even mentioned. Hell, there's probably even one that says Jesus just popped into existence and completely ignores his mother and her "miraculous" conception. But now I'm off on a tangent. Time to arctangent back to the topic at hand.

"You wouldn't exist", I am glad you have enough knowledge to figure out how to post a reply on a blog. However, I'm dismayed by the degree to which your ability to think and make decisions for yourself has suffered. I wish you the best of luck out there in "The Real World (TM)".

Ethel, keep up the good work. I realize I'm posting to an entry made over a year and a half ago, but I couldn't leave this poor brainwashed soul's comments unanswered like that. To use an overly cliche'd phrase, "you go, girl!"

- Sen