Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Not-So-Great Wall

We're building the not-so-great wall of the US on the Mexico border when the terrorists are in Canada (and the White House), I guess cause we're tired of getting cheap produce. It is criminal after all. And the war is going badly and people don't like "President" Bush anymore, so now Bush is taking action: "bash the gays". I'm sure that will help a lot with the economy and the war and everything else that's wrong here. WWJD? Well, if Jesus was here he'd probably be fag-bashed by his own followers. He had long hair, wore a dress, hung out with a bunch of boys, and called the corrupt people in charge corrupt! He never got married, and he was 33, and in those days, that was NOT normal.

My friend Frances and I are constantly being called 'lezzies', just cause we're not willing to go in the back of the bus with the gross boys who call themselves the Duke LaCross team. And we're not afraid to hold hands or piggyback (though I have to be on top, because Frances weights almost twice what I weigh). I don't care if you call me a lezzie. I don't care if I am a lezzie. I'm ten years old, and right now I'm not interested in sex with ANYONE, and not sure if I ever will be, but that's my business, and if we girls stop being afraid of being called lezzies (and boys stop being afraid of being called faggot) then we'd all be a lot better off. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. But if you EVER throw a stick or stone at me, I will take that as an invitation to go mental on you. And if you call me gay, I will say, "oh, do you mean gay like Ellen and Martina and K.D. Lang, and Virginia Woolf and Leonardo Da Vinci? or do you mean like J.Edgar Hoover, and James Baaker, and the married fathers who go to truck stops?" Idiots.

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