Sunday, June 11, 2006

More on the War

Okay, I do have to deal with the fact that I am living with murderous people who want to kill other creatures, and I’ll get to that when the crisis is over. For now I have to save the animals. I went to retrieve the poison and throw it away, and I discovered that they are not eating the poison. My family is freaking out, because they are making so much noise that it sounds like there are hundreds of them. But today I figured out that it’s not rats, but raccoons, and I can prove it, because they were making raccoon noises. That’s the mother – and she has some babies. This is the sound the babies make: babies. So I found this on the web to prove to all these idiots that it’s wild animals, and not rats, and and you’re not allowed to kill wild animals. And so now they want to put in one way doors so when they leave they can’t come back. Two problems. One is that if the mother leaves, the babies will die in the walls. The other problem is probably a blessing, and that is that the pest men are such slackers that they probably won’t find where the raccoons come it, plus even if they do, the raccoons will find another way, cause they’re very smart. I’m trying to make them wait for the babies to grow up enough to leave with their mother. I’ll keep you posted on that effort.

If you use the links I made to the raccoon noises, please know that I did not google hunting aids, and it is a hunting site -- which I don’t’ understand, because why do hunters need to know what raccoons sound like? Or lots of the other animals on there?

It’s the weekend now, so the animals are safe from the killers, and hopefully they have not eaten any of the poison that is supposed to only kill rats. (Yeah right, my friends cat ate a rat that had been poisoned, and the cat almost died.)

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