Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Excuse me, but she's NOT an orphan

There's an eleven year old girl in Palestine named Huda Ghaliya, who's father and siblings (and father's other wife) died in an explosion on the beach. This is awful, and we should all be outraged at this and all other senseless acts of violence. Now, the two Palestinian factions are fighting over who will get to adopt her. I thought that was wierd enough, cause I'm pretty sure there are plenty of orphans to go around. But then I found out that she's not really an orphan at all. SHE HAS A MOTHER, but Palestinians consider a fatherless child to be an orphan. What is wrong with them??? I realize people have different beliefs--I have two parents and consider myself an orphan, but I don't expect anyone else to. And I don't see any politicians lining up to adopt me.

If a fatherless child is considered an orphan, then if the Palistinians really cared about children then each woman would have extra husbands, so if one died the children wouldn't have to be orphans.

It should be up to Huda to decide if she wants to be an orphan.


Anonymous said...

"I realize people have different beliefs--I have two parents and consider myself an orphan..."
Great line!

Anonymous said...

I want to be an orphan so angelina jolie will adopt me, no scratch that I'd rather be her bio so I could breast feed.

Andrea said...

Maybe they wanted to adopt her so badly because of the shortage of females. Did you ever find out what happened to her? Thank you for posting this stuff, Ethel!

Andrea said...

BTW, I am another person who was an orphan with two parents. Have you found any good adoptive parents yet? I'm still looking.

My back up plan is to raise my own new parents -- why not? Dysfunctional parents all over the world have children so that they can parentify them then have a nice "extended family" set-up later on. I'll even babysit for the grandkids, I promise!

I guess that raising your own parents is better than raising your own victims, right? I don't let anyone hit, abuse, or molest my kids, and I don't do those things to them, either. They seem to be growing up alright despite this! I feel like saying "see, I told you so" to all the grown ups who thought that abuse and molestation were something that I needed when I was a kid, and got so mad at me when I fought back. HA! So there!