Sunday, April 09, 2006


My friend Hector’s parents work very hard and don’t make very much money. It is not true that they are ‘unskilled’, they just have jobs that don’t pay well, because a lot of people have those skills and because they can get away with paying Hector’s parents shitty wages. We went to the march in Los Angeles. Rich people who are hateful and prejudice are trying to punish people like this and are saying that poor “Americans” are going to suffer because the immigrants are depressing the wages, and if we let them become citizens then they’ll be too many workers at the shitty end of the work world (the big end), and so black people and poor white people should hate the Mexicans. But it seems to me there’s a simple solution. RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE. DUH. Of course that will mean that we can’t buy all the things we buy, and we can’t have servants. But it’s the right thing to do!

Also, they complain that “we” are paying for Hector and the other immigrants children to go to school and their parents are not paying enough in taxes to cover them. But that’s because they don’t make diddly squat. If you want them to pay more taxes, you have to pay them more. or consider the cheap ass carwashes and fruit as their tax contributions.

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