Saturday, April 22, 2006

I think the President is retarded

"The United States and China are two countries separated by a vast ocean." wow. what a genius. he should be in charge of a giant army and a nuclear arsenal and the supreme court and a lot of other things. the only good part of their meeting was hearing the Chinese doctor screeching like a tortured bird. it was horrifying. but also i couldn't stop listening and wanted her to go on longer. i don't know what she was saying, but it didn't sound like heckling to me. it sounded like someone was sticking a tazer or something on her private parts. i've heard chinese spoken, but never like that. i wish we could've had a real translation.

PS i don't mean to make fun of retarded people. mentally disabled. developmentally disabled. but the president is a retard - and not just a retard, an evil retard. how am i supposed to respect authority? I can see that the emporer is a nudist, and i think it's a violation of my human rights to have to see his grotesque naked body.

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