Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto Out, JonBenet In

Pluto is not a planet anymore.
They changed the definition.
But JonBenet is still dead. she was still murdered - and raped - they haven't changed the definition of that yet.

Notice the bruise near her right elbow. You can't teach children "good and bad touch" and to just say "NO" to the bad touch, because no one ever asks them if they want to be touched, and even if they say no, what giant person who owns them is going to listen? JonBenet might have liked being on stage, cause no one could rape her without witnesses there, but I think it's pretty obvious that her parents just made her a "Beauty queen" so they could charge more for her to the pedophiles and child pornographers who were their friend. YES, Mr. Karr was their friend. The billions of dollars people are making exploiting her even ten years after she was killed should go to arming children so they could back up their "NO - that is bad touch" statements.

By the way, Hector has pointed out that if JonBenet was brown or black - or even dark-haired, we would never even know about her. And what kind of name is JonBenet anyway?

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