Friday, May 05, 2006

Mr. Colbert and the Wussy Press (Typists)

dammit. i just wrote a whole blog entry and i previewed it and then i tried to go back a page to fix it and the whole thing disappeared. of course it was genius. blogspot sucks.

okay, i was writing about how stupid teh press is for trying to hide Steven Colbert ripping them a new asshole. cause that always backfires and the word gets out. and all those idiots make fun of young people for getting their news from Comedy Central, but it's the closest thing to real news, and it's their fault.

how long do you think it took "President" Bush to figure out that he was being made fun of? i think Laura knew before he did, which makes her at least marginally smarter than him, but she is an emabarrasment to our gender by not being divorced (or WIDOWED) yet. unless they threatened to kill her or her children for leaving, i have zero respect for her.

i'm in detention right now, because i sang "America, LA Bonita" at the assembly, which is totally outrageous. i'm trying to learn a second language, which we should all do, but instead it's considered unamerican, even though the "president" speaks English like it's a second language (his first one is some kind of twinspeak, except that his twin is in his head, and hates him.) i must say that kids in detention are quite easy to organize, cause they hate authority and aren't always trying to look good. a few of them would rather put gum in my hair (I'll give you their names, Frances), but some of them make excellent soldiers. i hope the teachers haven't figured out how to read my blog, or i'll wind up in solitary (the janitor's closet, and yes, they put us in there, like some kind of present to all the pervy janitors.)

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