Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sick Day

i'm home sick today. i'm allergic to everything. i'm even allergic to my cat, but i refuse to let that keep us apart. so far i have stopped my parents from deporting him (to certain death at the prison/death camps they call animal shelters), by arguing rightly that i only got a 3 on the allergy scale to cats, and i got 4s to trees and mites, and dust, and all the things that are totally impossible to get rid of, so what's the point in taking away the one thing that keeps me from being otherwise miserable, by killing it. i can't even believe that anyone would suggest it. why do they only test for the things they test for? cause i'm pretty sure that there are a lot of PEOPLE that would cause huge red welts if i was tested for them. it is a fact that certain people can depress your immune system. trust me on this.

i hope i can go back to school tomorrow, because in addition to feeling like crap, i miss my friends and i'm bored.

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