Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gender labeling of meat

It seems that there is a lot of violence in the animal world:  gang rapes by ducks, elephant seals attacking the females and "accidentally" killing baby seals, male otters beating up the females in order to "mate" (see my last post).   Meat should have gender labeling so that only the brutal animals will be eaten (if you still eat meat!).   And before you get all "women do the same thing to men, so everything is all fair and let's just leave it all alone" it's not ALWAYS the males abusing the females.   Female praying mantises eat the males - but still gender labeling will make that clear, so if you eat praying mantises or black widow spiders, then you'll know which ones to eat.   We should be eating the abusers, not their victims.

Eat your enemies, not your friends!


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, ducks (which you mentioned) are the worst of the animal rapists. Those little bastards show no mercy, and numbers (one on one, five on one) have no meaning.

I like that male ducks' junk is hidden away (all animals that don't wear clothes should have it tucked inside), but maybe that's the problem. If it were longer or more handy, perhaps they wouldn't be as violent. Then again, nobody wants to see a long duck dong. (yep, I just did that)

Seriously, it's a shame. They're really wonderful animals otherwise.

That's why I like girls.

I mean, that's why I like females.

I mean, if I had ducks, I would get females.

mherzog said...

Here is a good video on meat: http://carnism.com

Anonymous said...

so your post is saying: death penalty is a fair penalty for rapists. in opposite to human rapists we cant be that sure that nonhuman rapists understand the meaning of their action. and not all ducks are rapists and there are many examples for animal societies where rapes even dont exist. if you read all information about social animals you will learn that rape is a very uncommon action. most animals just mate if the female part wants to.
another point is that the barbarism of animal farming is not a kind of prison (punishing guilty persons), its kind of torture and sadism (hurting and murdering innocents). by the way its impossible to breed animals and just kill the male ones.
the rights thing to do is to live vegan (and not to rape and murder) or do you wanna say that rapists and murderers have the right to judge others about violent acts?
im sorry for your sick image of animals.

Ethel Spiliotes said...

This is to the latest "anonymous" who posted. (why is everyone anonymous?). I don't eat meat, and I'm being totally sarcastic. It's called satire. I'm trying to get people to see that "meat" is actually animals. If the meat said male or female then maybe people would realize that they are eating individual beings. But I'm glad you read my blog and hope you will come back.