Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our revolution must extend to the Otters (and beyond)

Below you will see a cute picture of an otter, one of my favorite animals.  But then, I read the caption, which I made bigger for you below that so you can read in horror what I read.   

I can no longer say that otters are my favorite animals.  Only the female otters.   It says "This otter, identified as female - her scarred face is an indicator of mating practices--"   What????   There's domestic violence among otters?   he has to scratch and chew her face as a part of 'mating practices'?  How exactly does that lead to more baby otters?  If she doesn't like you, then get off, you jerk otter.   people always excuse men for being violent and raping by saying they're just expressing their "animal nature."  Well if that's true, then we need to expand our feminist revolution to the animals, because at least half the animals are girls, and I don't think they're down with the "it's animal nature" argument.

So listen up Mr. Otter, next time you try to mate with a cute little female otter, you better check first and make sure she's not sporting a praying mantis tattoo!

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Anonymous said...

"jerk otter"!