Monday, September 17, 2007


Frances and I went to see the Brave One this weekend. The lead character, Erica Baines, gets an Aileen Wuornos Environmental Clean-Up Award, though unlike Aileen Wuornos, she doesn't get killed in th end, and I think maybe she retires. Still she does some good work. In my favorite scene a bad man calls her a Supercunt and then when she tells him do something and he says, "what if I don't" and she says "Then I'll be the last Supercunt you'll ever see." Then after that every time she did some "clean-up" I shouted "GO SUPERCUNT," which thrilled me and Frances and freaked out all the nice Orange County people at the theatre. (We live in Orange County - so that was pretty much everyone in there.) Now I want to get T-shirts made that say "Supercunt", though I'm pretty sure that we'd get sent home from school. But next time someone calls me a cunt I'll say, "No, that's SUPERcunt, thank you very much."

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