Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HELP!!! -- FEMA's coming!

And Bush is coming - like we don't have enough trouble. We can't afford to have any of our fire or police worrying about his sorry ass. And now in addition to the hellfire and raining ash, they're sending FEMA, which as far as I know still hasn't taken care of Katrina, which was more than two years ago, but then again this is Orange County, and we have mostly white people and a lot of Republicans. School is out, so the childrens are not learnings for the tests, so I'm sure we'll have to have a lecture about that. But since our developing lungs are breathing toxic air, and our health insurance got vetoed, we are urging all children who can get out of the shelters to meet him with a bandana around your face and rage in your heart.

There is one piece of good news. The Governor called for the National Guard and the only ones they could find were guarding the Mexican border, so now we'll be able to get someone to harvest whatever food survives the fires.

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