Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beyond Abu Ghraib: Soldiers Playing Doctor with Actual PIGS!!

I'm not dead, i was just gone for a long time, for a few reasons, most of which I cannot go into now or I will lose the "privilege" to do my blog again.

The military wants to shoot pigs with automatic rifles and then practice treating the wounds. If they're being attacked by the pigs so that they need to shoot them, then why do they want to learn how to fix the pigs? Seems to me if they don't want to have to worry about treating soldiers with big gun holes, then they should bring them back home and leave the pigs alone.

By the way, when they're done with shooting and playing doctor with the pigs, do they eat them or just throw them away? People give me crap for not thinking that humans are superior to all the other animals, but humans are the only animal I know of that shoot other animals and then practice fixing the holes.

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