Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A perfect storm

We had a little incident at a store yesterday. It was early afternoon and my mom hadn’t eaten anything and she hadn’t taken her meds (that the drug companies claim are not habit-forming, but trust me, she’s addicted), and she had her receipt and attempted to return a rug that she bought three weeks ago – at IKEA. They took the rug in the back and then after a half hour came back, said they’d checked it out and it was used so they’d only take it back at a 40% discount. Mom was furious (this was not her first IKEA returns problem – they make it almost impossible to return anything). After things escalated and they called security, she threw the rug back in the cart and left saying “your father will have to return this and we are now boycotting IKEA – forever.”

It was a little scary to see my mom lose it like that, but I have to admit a certain thrill in having security called on her. Unfortunately I did not get my cinnamon bun as we were going to get them after the return, and got caught up in the boycott.

I’m actually surprise that women aren’t throwing fits of rage ALL the time. I’ve heard a lot about how girl babies are killed in China and India because they value boys more, but while I was doing a book report I came across a chart in a book (The Economist Pocket World in Figures 2006 Edition.) This chart is called “Most Male Populations”

Number of males per 100 females

1. United Arab Emirates 214
2. Qatar 206
3. Kuwait 150
4. Bahrain 132
5. Oman 128
6. Saudi Arabia 117
7.Greenland 113
8. Jordan 108
9. Afghanistan 107
Andorra 107
Brunei 107
Faroe Islands 107
Libya 107
14. China 106
Pakistan 106
Papua New Guinea 106
17. French Polynesia 105
Guinea 105
India 105
New Caledonia 105
Niger 105
Taiwan 105

I don’t know what’s going on in Greenland, but aside from them, all the top ones are arab or middle-eastern (and muslim), and the numbers are WAY higher than china. China is 106:100. United Arab Emirates is 214:100! Where did all the girls go? And if the slaughter of the females isn’t enough for you, why hasn’t anyone talked about maybe this is why all the men are so angry and violent in the middle east. And of course the rich and powerful men have lots of wives leaving even fewer for the rest, and homosexuals are executed, so how is this Israel’s fault? I’m not saying the men are mad because they don’t get women, but how can you have a peaceful society when you have that much testosterone in the population and no one to tell them to go to their rooms.

When we watch the news about the middle east I always wonder why they only ever talk with men and we almost always only see men on the TV, but now I know it’s because there AREN’T any women. How could this be and no one talks about it? The US defended Kuwait, and though people talked about how the women weren’t allowed to drive, why didn’t they talk about how they weren’t allowed to live? And Qatar (206:100), aren’t they our “allies”, and Saudi Arabia? Someone’s got a LOT of explaining to do.

PS. I checked out Andorra, and it’s a tiny European country and they live forever, so the 110 year old men are skewing things, and there aren’t very many people there (71,000). And the Faroe Island (pop 48,000) are some islands off of Denmark, and I guess the women chose the mainland over the sheep and fishermen.

PPS. I hope people comment on this one, because I’d really like to know where the girls went and what could be done about this.


Anonymous said...

Ethel, Another enlightening post! I had no idea the populations were skewed like this. Ethel, I realize 'skew' is an adult word and maybe you don't what it means. Basically, it means "ALL FUCKED UP." But I think the women in these countries are being beaten, worked to death, prostituted to death, and impoverished to death. Just like here in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Ethel United Arab emirates has a huge population of business people living there from all over the world. Because wages are high there a lot of men come work there leaving their wives and families in other countries. When I was there I hardly met any arabic people - and those I did I enjoyed meeting including some arabic women doctors. You post read like you seriously think this country has committed a mass slaughter against women - I wonder what the point of speculating like this is - it comes across as a general prejudice against arabic people. Of course there are huge injustices going on I don't deny that but baseless accusations detract from the validity of the stuff you say that is true. I really get a lot from reading your but this post does not seem constructive. Thanks Rachel

Andrea said...

Hi Ethel,
Thanks for posting this. You are right, someone needs to explain these statistics, and the numbers are hard to believe. I wonder if its because many of the females that don't flee the country, get honor killed, starved or raped to death when they are child brides, are actually not counted by the statisticians because they were trafiked into the country illegally, are living as haram slaves or worse, and therefore have no legal status?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ethel <my name is Fayz and I'm from Syria,(Arabic person),I work in United arab emirates as anonymous said here in UAE 90% of Resident people are Foreign ,they came here because there's a lot of Opportunities with good salaries and most of them are male ,and to be honest with you I think this Percentage is not correct maybe it's an old or something ,maybe in Middle east men has strong Fertility because of the hot wether or the food ,anyhow I'm posting these words because Unfortunately people in Europe countries and USA think that people in middle east Especially in arab countries are Savages and almost like freakin animals ,well they are not , and to be fair on this case we have so much corruption in our countries because of the fuckin Governments but as people we remain human been just like U, I hope that explain to you little bet about your question and if you have any other inquiries U can send it to my Email( I'll be Glade to help U and be your friend, sincerely