Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My troop came across a cache of "American Girl" Molly dolls. I can't tell you the details, but suffice it to say, we have a few hundred of these pricey dolls that just came our way. To earn our charity badge, we have set up a program to donate the dolls to our unfortunate sisters whose parents have been having a boycott of all "American Girl" dolls for the last two years, because the company made a donation to Girls Inc., which does a lot of good things for girls, including helping with self esteem and education, and because it believes in girls' rights, it also supports our rights to our bodies, and the (supposedly) Christian wrong thinks they should not have that control.

Mind you I would never buy one of the dolls, because they cost like $90 and I hate dolls anyway, I would always choose a stuffed animal (or better yet, a real one - but I would never buy it, I would always only rescue one), but there are girls who like them, and why should their rights to their dolls be denied or abridged because of their parents idiocy and prejudice, and determination to take away their own daughters rights?

SO, if you are one of these girls, please write to us through the blog, and we will arrange to get you one of these naughty dolls (in a plain brown wrapper - send to a safe location) and you and the other girls in your church can have secret meetings to play with your dolls and whatever else deprived people might do in secret (hint, hint)...


Kathryn said...

I felt guilty buying these dolls for my kids; now I don't.

wgardens said...

is this still true that you can send one? my girl would love one but her mother would never let her get one because of the so-called "boycott." I shouldn't post my address here but maybe you can edit it out later (please): contact me at: mtidwell@tidwellcreative.com and I'll send you details

Ethel Spiliotes said...

Dear Mr. Tidwell,
A doll for your daughter can be arranged, but we can no longer provide them for free (unless a hardship case is made). Perhaps you would like to buy a lot of girl scout cookies from us? and then a doll can fall off a truck in a disguised box so she can play with it. You may want to build her a tree house where she can play with her contraband.