Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is It Safe?

Mattell has recalled a lot of toys, and of course they are blaming the Chinese for using the yummy lead paint and tiny magnets. I thought these toys were dangerous enough all on their own. Look at them. What is wrong with these pictures? Batman is an S/M steroid freak. And Barbie's an anorexic, plastic surgery addict. At least Barbie got a service dog to help her walk because her feet are permanently high-heeled, and she cant' stand up on her own. (By the way, the dog eats and poops - the food and the poop are the same pellet, which is pretty accurate, because our dog eats cat poop - right out of the litter box - we call it 'almond rocca.')


Anonymous said...

Definitely dangerous toys, just as they are.

Kathryn said...

One good thing that came of this is that I found out who Tanner was. I had no idea that Barbie was a pet owner. A vet, astronaut, doctor, engineer, dancer, yes. I guess Vet Barbie needed someone to practice on.