Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something Fishy at the Farmer's Market

And it's not the fish.  It's the eggs.  There's one place we get eggs that's supposed to come from happy chickens running around with their beaks on, and the eggs cost $5 for a dozen.  One day they weren't there and we went to a different egg man, and this one had brown eggs for almost $6 a dozen, mixed for  $5, and white ones for only $3.  I asked why the white ones were so cheap, and he said they were on sale because there were so many more of them.  I asked what's the difference and he said, the only difference is the white ones come from white chickens and the brown ones come from brown chickens.  I agree that brown chickens are cuter, but you don't eat the shell (except sometimes a little bit by mistake).  Also  I thought it was nice to see  the brown ones costing more than whitey for a change, but now it's like six months later and the white ones are still on sale for $3, and I'm starting to think they just get them in big flats at Costco.  It just doesn't add up.   cause if they always have to sell the white ones for half the price, then they would just sell them all as chicken meat and get more brown chickens, right?   I kind of don't want to get eggs anymore anyway, because as soon as the chickens don't lay enough eggs, then they kill them and make them into meat, and that makes all my eggs taste bad, no matter how cheep they are.

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