Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why didn't the kids tell?

They did, you idiots.  They were telling people for more than 20 years that the teacher at Miramonte was doing creepy things to kids at school, like blindfolding them and feeding them cookies with homemade semen frosting.  And what happened?  The guidance counselor told them to stop making up stories, and the police said there was not enough evidence, so the teacher just carried on for 20 more years racking up victims and now everyone's like, "how could this have gone on for so long?"  I'll tell you how, because the adult male teacher has rights and credibility, and children have none of that.  Even the stories of many children don't add up to counting more than one white man having to defend himself.  "You don't understand the harm that accusations can do?"  YES I DO, and I don't care.  it's more important to protect the children, and since they don't get any help anywhere, I think that children or other people who have been molested or assaulted or whatever should wear buttons like the one below and then even though there's no "record" that would allow other people to be warned, at least other people could find out who they might want to avoid eating cookies with!

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