Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Next? Burkahs?

A middle school in Petaluma California decided that girls could only wear leggings if they wore shorts or skirts or dresses over them.   They said it was because it was too distracting for the boys.  Next thing you'll see people stoning girls in the playground because their ankles are showing.  WTF?  Why don't they just make the boys wear leggings over their eyes and then there won't be a problem.   Girls should be allowed to wearing anything they want to school including nothing, and be perfectly safe from other people.    If you get too excited looking at some stupid leggings, then fuck yourself! literally!

Of course I would totally support the no leggings/tights policy if it had been done for the right reason, which is YOU'RE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!!!!!  It looks like you didn't finished getting dressed.  tights are NOT PANTS!!!    Even if they're solid and you didn't buy the see-thru kind for $100 from lulu lemon and then "surprise - i can see everything!!"  it's still not a good look.  i can either see your underwear or your camel toe, or both.   And I'm not discriminating against girls.  Boys should not be allowed to wear bike shorts or wrestling outfits or speedos, EVER.

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