Friday, September 06, 2013

No Country for Old Women (or young ones)

Today I got a thing in the mail from Hadassah.  My mom made me a lifetime member.  I didn’t really know what Hadassah was, I only knew that Hadassah arms were those flabby upper arms that were like bat wings on old ladies.  But it said in the papers that it was an organization for women Zionists.  And I realized that I’m a woman Zionist.  But not like they mean.   Zionism is Jewish nationalism.  The desire for a jewish state.  But I want a state for WOMEN. They  can be Jewish women, and all other women too.  Women don’t have a state.  We don’t have a country.  An actual place where we can go and be welcomed and be safe from our enemies.  (Imagine if instead of Israel there were just a bunch of battered Jew shelters scattered throughout enemy territory?)   Then people could yell at us “go back to your “cuntry,” and we could say, “happy to, fucker.”  Our country would have to be very big, because there are a lot of us.  And a lot of us who need that space.  All the women from Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq, and Bosnia, and Egypt and India, and Juarez, and Steubenville could come to our nation.  If this sounds absurd, then maybe the idea of countries or nations is too.  

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