Monday, February 13, 2017

You cannot have all your Psychopath friends over to the White House!

Are you people serious?  "President" Trump?  3 weeks now, and he's wrecking the place.  There is one part of the population who bear NOOOOO responsibility for this -- and that's children.  We are massively voter suppressed.   We didn't get to pick him, or the qualified woman, or a spoiler, or decide "I'm not going to vote - cause that will really show them!"   We CAN'T vote, and we are the most fucked of all!  especially the immigrant ones, the muslim ones, the brown ones, the poor ones, the girl ones.  Okay -- that is most of us.  I'm pretty sure Baron is okay, although he doesn't really look it, and his dad is a total maniac and all the other adults around him are afraid to say anything to il douche.  But the white boys seem to find themselves on a bully free for all, so even though they are still children, some of them at least have hope that they can grow up.
        This is to put you all on warning that we are NOT having it.   None of the adults who are supposed to be doing something about this -- like say "NO, you cannot have all your psychopath friends over to the White House to play -- because the things they are playing with are not TOYS!!!" We are left with no choice but to take things into our own hands.   so you better WATCH IT!

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