Monday, April 23, 2007

At least one of the Commandments is propaganda

Parents are bigger than childen (for a while anyway), and they have all the rights to control them. This is a dangerous situation because it means that you have to get lucky and get a nice parent or you're f'ed. We're all supposed to listen to and obey the 'fathers'. That's what all the religions say, that's what most parents say, and that's what George Bush wants us to do (with him as the father) and that's what the Supreme Court wants us to do. Most of them don't want to have to beat us to make us do what they want. They prefer if we just do it because "they said so." And this has been true for thousands of years, at least since the ten commandments, which had to include "honor thy father," because if you didn't say it it wouldn't be obvious because he clearly doesn't deserve it. Maybe there were some men who were good and wise and people just did honor and respect them and follow their advice, but most of them had to rely on "God" telling everyone to listen to them, and if they didn't they'd go to hell and burn forever in excruciating pain.

I know it's tempting to use your bigger size and power to control other people (I do have a younger brother - and I admit to wanting to control him - and using all my advantages to do it - actually he'd tell you all about it, but I have disabled his blog), but a lot of parents one day want their children to take care of them, and they should be nice to them or they'll end up in a really bad nursing home.

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Anonymous said...

I guess there really is a reason for bad nursing homes.