Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Liberation for Ireland

"Rotten little pig" Ireland Baldwin's father is an idiot and would not get a parenting license from me, and I think I should get to decide who gets one (and there would be a LOT of denied applications). If you say "I'm gonna straighten your ass out," to anyone but a family member, it is assault. Of course he is a giant man and she is a small child, so it's not only criminal, it's creepy. I've heard crazier more violent abusive people aplenty, but something is wrong with an adult who thinks a child of humiliated him. What is wrong with you? You're supposed to be the adult - go to therapy and accept that it's probaby YOU who is "alienating" Ireland. You IDIOT.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ethel, I heard the entire conversation on a news show on TV last night. I can't believe how messed up and narcissistic (no wonder he got into acting) and horrifyingly cruel and immature this guy is. He is known to be violent. I wonder what he's done to his kid.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the guy? I cringed every time they played the call on TV last night. That tirade, by itself is child abuse. Can you believe some people are blaming Kim Bassinger? If that guy were my father, I would set the phone on fire. No wonder she keeps forgetting to call. I'd rather call the devil.