Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Women are canaries

Why is everyone so shocked by the Va Tech shooting? Some people are angry that he wasn't stopped before he went to the classrooms. And they should be. Before killing the 30 people in the classrooms, he was ONLY involved in stalking two women and then killing two people in what they were (and are still) calling a DOMESTIC incident (as opposed to MURDER). Why do people think that "people" who only stalk and/or kill women are not dangers to public safety? Aren't women part of the public? First they kill small animals, then women, and then they go for the real people. So watch out!

Also, I read the shooter's play called "Richard McBeef". Hmm, I wonder if he was sexually abused. Hello?! People really need to stop fucking the children.


Anonymous said...

I just heard the plot of his play, didn't even read it, and wondered like you did if he was sexually abused. Everyone walks around saying it was a 'senseless' crime. It makes perfect sense, actually, given this culture and how masculinity is allowed to run rampant.

Unknown said...

What is crazier ethel, is that while the MSM is picking this thing apart, like the meat from a crab, they all seem to miss this obvious explanation.

Anonymous said...

I think its important to always find the positive part of every story, I think this incident really goes to show that college really does help people succeed. Those Columbine kids only shot 12 people, this guy doubled that. Don't be a fool, stay in school.