Monday, May 07, 2007

"Gentlemen's" Clubs

There are a lot of billboards on the way to my school that advertise Gentlemen's clubs. They all have pictures of women who are dressed up like prostitutes and look like they are on roofies. I don't think these men are gentlemen, but I guess gentleman really means a man who likes to pay for women to service him. I want to rescue all those women, and I can't believe the signs are right out in the public. If there was a sign for "White People's Club" (I guess they'd be called Purity Clubs or something like that) that featured a black man with his head bowed carrying a tray (or looking like he'd been roofied), I think people might notice that there was something really wrong. Why is okay for one group of people (who happen to inhabit almost all the positions of power - and who make almost all the money - and who are the biggest) to have clubs where the other class has to be their slaves (a sex slave is a slave - you idiots)? Why aren't those billboards on fire? Why aren't the police (I mean when they're not being "gentlemen") raiding those places? Why do I even have to write this? What the hell is going on?

Oh, and most of these "clubs" also advertise steaks. I guess cause when you're consuming women (who were already abused by gentlemen (often called a 'family man') when they were children and have big drug habits to feed), you want to eat the flesh of another oppressed group that someone (clearly NOT a gentlemen) murdered so you can be gentlemen together.

Forget the billboards, why aren't the clubs on fire?


Anonymous said...

Ethel, I totally agree. I always wonder how they could call themselves gentlemen considering the context here.

Unknown said...

and your friend Betsy: you are the greatest. Your politics cut through all the bull and get down to who's hurting who and who's treating who with respect.
Thank you!
Melissa Farley, an avid reader

Anonymous said...

This is me stuck on repeat:

They call them "gentlemen's clubs" for two reasons:

1. Lonely, desperate, misogynistic Losers' club" would be hard to fit on the sign

2. Lonely, desperate, misogynistic losers don't like to be reminder the level of pathetic a boy must reach in order to walk into one of these clubs. Call them "gentlemen" and they can pretend, for a little while, that they're not lonely, desperate, misogynistic losers.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing "gentle" and even less that's "manly" about them.

I'm with you. Why aren't they on fire?

Ethel Spiliotes said...

I like that last line. why didn't i think of that?