Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'd like to do some honor killing

A 17 year old girl was beaten and stoned to death by her family and other people in Iraq - to protect the honor of her family? I'm so glad we "liberated" the Iraqis so that they can create honor by murdering girls and women. It's 2007. What is wrong with these people? (If America really wants to help they should offer to adopt all the women (and children) in the Middle East who want to come here.) They say they had to kill her because her falling in love with a man who wasn't the 100-year-old uncle she was probably promised to brought shame on them. Oh, I see, but you don't feel shame for KILLING HER?

I'm drawing up my "honor roll" right now, and you better believe I'm going to be getting rid of a lot of shame.


bint alshamsa said...

Technically, Iraq isn't in the "Middle East". It's more of a Gulf country. Unfortunately, people don't really take the time to learn about these countries so they aren't aware of the differences. All they see is this group of swarthy people speaking a language they don't understand and that's enough for them to lump very different groups together under one sloppy label.

I hope that you weren't really serious when you made that suggestion about what America should do (i.e. adopting all women & children...). Unfortunately, other people have seriously made the same suggestion, so I can't be sure which way you're leaning.

It's this attitude (that America can rescue Arabs and lead them to some more enlightened lifestyle) that has caused the mess we're in now. Change will only come to this region from within, by the people who live there. The more we try to push them to conform to our values, the more they are likely to assert their autonomy by continuing these practices. The best thing we can do is bring attention to those local groups that are fighting these practices. We can support them with our voices and our dollars. Coming in and whisking away the women and children will only hurt those who have no desire to leave their homeland. It's also patronizing, I should add.

Ethel Spiliotes said...

I AM serious, but I agree it would be better to support the women and children there to be able to liberate themselves. So instead I now think we should arm the women and children. Thank you for helping me refine my vision.