Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Selling babies on ebay

People give us baby dolls when we're little girls, but me and my friends prefer stuffed animals. Baby dolls are for older kids to learn in parenting class how hard it is to take care of a baby and maybe not have them when they're in high school. I found this on ebay:

Yes! They are selling baby fuck dolls now. And don't say I'm sick because it's just a baby doll for a lonely person or a really rich kid (it's over $500!), because any thing that says "This is a private listing. Your identity will not be disclosed to anyone but the seller," is not some innocent toy. How is this even legal? Why do you want to buy a fake baby that's "anatomically correct?"

I hope it's a trap and the seller is some kind of sting operation, and the buyers end up in prison being treated like that baby doll.



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econv said...

Well, it saves some time and effort. It already looks dead.

ebay tends to be conservative about things once they catch them. You may want to report this.

econv said...

It's the strangest thing. There is a girl baby too, and she also looks dead. If you read the comments about the seller, they are all very positive and seem to come from women. I guess some women collect these things. I don't get it, but I hope they keep them away from pedophiles.

The Speaker said...

You can't post a listing for something like this and say, "Need not purchase, if you be a pedophile."

This is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I used to collect these dolls when I was 13, but never this expensive.

You can't label everyone who wants them pedophiles, that thought had not even crossed my mind actually. My Auntie is 56 and she still loves to collect dolls, and I am 100% her interest in them is purely because she loves babies, and not in a sexual way. Though none of hers are anatomically correct. It's sad that even baby dolls are branded as sexual tools now..

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why anyone would have a problem with someone having anatomically correct baby dolls. The only reason the dolls are anatomically correct is so that the artists who created them can show the rest of the world how God made us and formed us in the womb. There is nothing sexual about a baby doll having a penis or a vagina at all. And those of us who collect these baby dolls really have nothing perverted in mind at all, either. I have two anatomically correct newborn baby dolls, one boy and one girl. They are not reborn baby dolls, but they are about 21" long each and all vinyl, with all of the realistic detailing of real newborn babies. Each baby even has a soft spot on its head and the belly button of a one-week-old newborn baby, although I think their advertisements say they're supposed to be one-day-old babies. That's wrong, considering there is no umbilical cord with a clamp on either baby, so I'm saying they are a week old instead. Anyway, having an anatomically correct baby doll isn't sick or perverted in any way if you consider that some lonely men who can't get a date have sex with blow-up dolls. Now that's sick!