Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Self-Determination for Ireland

Someone wrote a comment saying that not all fathers are like Alec, and I believe that is true (but the ones in the "father's rights" movement pretty much are. And that's totally beside the point, because there shouldn't be ANY abusive fathers, and there are a lot and they're allowed - it says so in the bible.) And then the commenter, like so many other people, and especially Alec said that Kim is at fault too because she released the recording and was just trying to attack Alec - using their daughter as a weapon.

Has it occurred to NO ONE that Ireland might have leaked the recording? It was her phone after all, and she had a lot to gain by releasing it: making the world understand why she doesn't want to answer her phone and to get the court to see that HE is alienating her himself, and that she deserves protection from him, not to be served up to him on a legal platter!

I'm not saying she did it, cause I don't know her yet, but if it was on MY phone, I would've released it.


Unknown said...

I thought you meant Ireland the country - as in no more colonists in their country! But thinking about it, I guess colonization of Ireland by England, and colonization of children by abusive adults have a lot of similarities.

Anonymous said...

"Fathers who batter mothers are 2 times more likely to seek sole physical custody of their children than are non-violent fathers."

(APA1996, p. 40.)