Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Pope is going to hell!

The Vatican says that all the people whining about being raped by priests are just badmouthing the church. Oh, and happy Easter!!!!!!!!!
“Holy Father, the people of God are with you, and do not let themselves be impressed by the gossip of the moment, by the challenges that sometimes strike at the community of believers,” Cardinal Sodano said. Jesus spoke of courage in the face of tribulations, the cardinal continued, and referred to the apostle Peter’s account of Jesus during the passion: “When he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, threatened not, but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously.” (from the NY TImes on Easter Sunday)
What would Jesus do? I think he would break his own rule about turning the other cheek and kill the Pope. I'm kind of glad the Pope is still acting like an asshole, because then maybe people will finally realize that he's just the head of a big child-abuse ring. (Most people think it's just boys who are being molested, but it's girls too - it's just that that's considered normal, so no one even notices). The Pope was a Nazi, and his brother is some bigwhig in Germany and part of the scandal there, though he says he never molested anyone, just beat them sadistically -- oh, so much better.

Anyway, the pope is big fat turd and people should start admitting it and saying shame on you to the pope instead of to the people (like me) who don't show him the respect which he does NOT deserve to have, because when the archbishop of BELGIUM says you're wrong, you know you are REALLY a pervert.


Unknown said...

Ethel, thank you so much for your blog! You are a brave young woman, however, Jesus would NOT kill the pope, he would SHAME the pope into stepping down from a post that he no longer deserves!

Alma said...

excellent job, well written! You are smart and brave and you tell the truth. poop on the pope. bad people doing bad things, In God's name. shameful!

Tom said...

Go, Ethel! Please check out my blog It's about religious hypocrisy and right now the pope is spewing so much hate for children.