Monday, April 05, 2010

Who's Afraid of Ethel?

Apparently a lot of people. Idiots. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, there was some talk about me getting my own TV show. I even had some meetings, with bottled water. But apparently I am way too threatening to the establishment. Here's what a big agent said:
Most of the ‘edgier’ channels/buyers skew male, and won’t program a youthful female protagonist. And you're way too edgy for the female skewing buyers.
And this was an agent who LIKES me. Okay, so there can't be an Ethel show on channels that have shows like South Park or Family Guy or Simpsons because if there's a GIRL who's not just a side character then it's not "universal" and boys and men can't relate cause it must be just for girls. And the channels who make shows that are especially for girls don't want me because they're trying to sell thong underpants and makeup and easy bake ovens and they think that I would be encouraging girls NOT to buy those things -- which they're right about, even though I can think of some alternate uses for some of those things, like thong slingshots and easy bake chemistry experiments (product placement, right?). Anyway, what's a girl supposed to do? It's 2010 We're just gonna have to start our own networks - yeah right. It's hard not to be hating, but we must continue to battle on toward justice no matter how stupid and assholish the people in charge are. Plus if we weren't trying to change things we'd already be on the air.

FIght on my sisters (and good brothers).

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ee said...


I'm sorry. That's really disappointing. Fuck them. Seriously.

BUT, I'm certain this won't be the last opportunity presented to Ethel. I believe in you.